Ultimate_Economy 1.2.7b

All what you need for economy on your server. Money/Shops/Jobs/Towns

  1. Bugfixes

    • fixed wrong bank scoreboard money amount
  2. Fixes and changes

    • rentshops now using the ingame time
    • playershop stock view is now merged with the shop view
    • allow the same item in a shop
    • removed support for UE 1.2.4 and older
    • money scoreboard no longer overrides other scoreboards
    • fixed several language issues
    • fixed custom items
    • fixed adminshop create tabcomplete
    • fixed an updater error, if spigot does not answer the plugin request
  3. Jobsystem hotfix

    - Fixed the jobs.
  4. Backstage Update

    New language
    • polish language pack
    New features
    • added breeder job
      /jobcenter job addBreedable <job> <entity> <price>
      /jobcenter job removeBreedable <job> <entity>
    • added quickshop without restrictrions to jobs as config
      /ue-config allowQuickshop <true/false>
    • added startamount as config
      /ue-config startAmount <amount>
  5. Hotfix

    New language
    • italian language pack
    Bug fixes
    • fixed a bug, where players are unable to fin a rented shop with /rentshop editShop
    • fixed a bug, where selling items to a playershop with shift right click adds the wrong amount to the stock
    • fixed a bug, where /rentshop cannot find any rented shop
  6. Bugfixes

    • fixed a bug, where renaming a town corrupts the save file
    • fixed a bug, where leaving a job corrupts the save file
  7. Hotfix

    - fixed a bug, where the reset of a rentshops throws a exception
    - fixed a bug, where the change price in the editor gui does not save
  8. Hotfix

    • fixed a bug, where the plus minus switch in the shop editor is not working
    • fixed a bug, where renaming a shop throws the wrong error message
  9. Hotfix

    - fixed a bug, where all town commands are throwing an error message: this townworld does not exist
    - fixed a big with lists in the chat message
  10. Bug Fixes, wilderness config and advanced plugin support

    New features
    • added command to enable/disable the interaction in the wilderness of a townworld
    /ue-config wildernessInteraction <true/false>
    • added a config to set the max number of playershops per player (default 3)
    /ue-config maxPlayershops <number>
    • added config command to change the currency text
    /ue-config currency <singular> <plural>
    • added support for Towny and Residence (and maybe more, but I tested...