UltimateBet | 1.8-1.16 | More Customizable Impossible! | PlaceHolderAPI compatibility 1.1.4

A super customizable betting plugin

  1. GabriEl333
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.13
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    English, Spanish
    Do you want a plugin to place bets with random results and with a config file where you can customize it as much as you want ?!
    Well this is the perfect plugin !!.
    UltimateBet $$


    Languages Supported:
    English and Spanish.


    - %ultimatebet_moneybet%
    - %ultimatebet_moneylose%



    You can modify the name of the options.
    You can modify the reward of the options.
    You can modify the random numbers with which they can win the bet.
    You can modify the messages of the plugin.
    You can modify the sounds of the plugin.
    What else do you want?

    Code (Text):
    # By Gabri3l333.
    # es - Spanish, en - English.
    Lang: en
    # set the Cooldown in 0 to disable.
    Cooldown: 4
        # Set the name to the options in "false" to disable this option.
        name: x5
        permission: true
        minBet: 5
        maxBet: 15
        reward: 5
        # set the lucknumber (ln1,ln2,ln3,etc) in 0 to disable.
        ln1: 3
        ln2: 0
        ln3: 0
       # You can use the sound of anothers versions. example: NOTE_PLING (1.8).
      enabled: true
      sound_name: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
      volume: 10
      pitch: 1
      enabled: true
      sound_name: ENTITY_ZOMBIE_DEATH
      volume: 10
      pitch: 1

    ultimatebet.bet1 - Permission to use Option 1
    ultimatebet.bet2 - Permission to use Option 2
    ultimatebet.bet3 - Permission to use Option 3
    ultimatebet.bet4 - Permission to use Option 4
    ultimatebet.bet5 - Permission to use Option 5
    ultimatebet.bet6 - Permission to use Option 6

    Depends on Essentials and Vault.

    Code (YAML):
    /b help - Show plugin commands
    /b reload - Reload the plugin
    /b bet [option] [bet] - Bet
    /b options [n] - See the betting options
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Recent Updates

  1. PlaceHolders compatibility added