UltimateCaves 1.0

The best mines generator for you Minecraft world!

  1. GaOrGame
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Do you find the default caves boring? UltimateCaves is for you. (WorldEdit 7 Requiered)

    o_OCompound (Base):
    -Two layers of obsidian on top (90Y)
    -Low stone until pre-void (12 ~ 10)
    -Lava prior to bedrock (8-2)
    -Double bedrock layer (1 & 2)
    o_OCompound (Mines):
    When you unarchive the download, you will notice a new folder named "UltimateCaves". Here are three schematics.

    Schematics will be loaded with a 1 chunk chance in 200. In addition, for load there must be 16 chunks of distance between them.

    By default, the three types of mines are: Diamond, Emerald, Iron / Mixed.

    Which you can replace as long as they keep the same name as the originals.
    Warning: If you add more of three schematics, they will not be loaded into the world.
    Enter "UltimateCaves.zip" in plugin folder.
    Unarchive it with 7zip or another tool.
    (y)Create world:
    For this, you will need an external world creation tool, preferably Multiverse core, and set a world of type "UltimateCaves".
    Ex: / mv create Test normal -g UltimateCaves

    Recommend, load "spawnR.schem" into the world spawn using world edit.

    - Fill chests automatically
    - Allow more schematics and use percentages for the load of each one, individually.
    - Allow custom mobs
    - Add portals for worlds
    - Add spawn automatically
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