UltimateDropParty 1.0

The best DropParty plugin

  1. xXkostasAnemXx
    What this plugin does?
    1)It drops custom items with custom chance at custom locations/per custom time
    2)It drops fireworks at custom locations /per custom time
    3)It teleports all the servers players at a custom locations.
    /Dpsetpos (set the item drop location)
    2) /Dp SetFw (Set the Firework drop location)
    3) /Dp SetTp (Set the teleport location when the DP starts) <---not required/ enable on config
    4) /Dp SetItem <chance> (Set the item you keep to the DP with chance 1 to 100)
    5) /Dp Reload(Important: You must reload the plugin when you have submited the Locations and the items in order to start the DropParty!)
    6) /Dp Start (Start the DropParty)
    7) /Dp Stop (Stop the DropParty)

    dropparty.use --> get the permission for the /dp command




Recent Reviews

  1. bbbear123
    Version: 1.0
    When I do set item one it says you can only keep 1 item and I'm typing the command but it isn't working
  2. Diamond_X
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin! Everything seems to work just great. Only 4 stars because it could use some features for example disabling the automatic teleport, being able to remove items from the dropparty and removing the dropparty location & firework location with an ingame command!

    Keep up the good work, I like it so far! :)
    1. xXkostasAnemXx
      Author's Response
      the automatic tp can be disabled. i will try to make real the other features when i find the time thank you :D