UltimateFreezeX 1.3.0

Freeze and unfreeze players in meer seconds!

  1. Version 1.3.0

    Update Instructions:
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Delete the old version of the plugin.
    3. Install the new version of the plugin on the server.
    4. Start your server, and check in the config for a new line under language: chat: no_locations. If the line exists, There is nothing to worry about. If the line does not exist, then add the following line in the language.chat: no_locations: "&r&cThere are no registered locations!&r"`.
    5. Run the /ufx reload...
  2. Version 1.2.0

    Notice! Please take all the current values from the config, delete the current config, and translate them over into the new options in the newly generated config.
    • Added the option to prevent the player from interacting with entities and blocks while frozen.
    • Added the option options.disable-block-entity-interactions-from-frozen-players.
    • Rewrote the whole config.yml. More descriptive, slightly more cluttered, important notes...
  3. Version 1.1.4

    • Fixed a bug where locations from server freezes would not work properly
  4. Version 1.1.3

  5. Version 1.1.2

    • Fixed a typo with permissions
    • Fixed console and chat prefixes for unfreezing a player
    • Fixed permission for freezing
    • Version Update