UltimateKits - Minecraft Kits Without Limits. (Formerly KitPreview) 1.1.0

Display and Buy kits in a GUI

  1. Arconix Update

    Hey everyone,
    Just an update telling you to update your Arconix.

    - New Arconix (no longer compatible with the old version)
    - Switch to using Maven
    - UTF-8 file encodings

    - Kram
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  2. The Polish Update

    Hey guys!

    So heres the polish update! :D in this update I cleaned up from the rewrite and added a bunch of new features. A lot of these update have already been available on Jenkins but this is the stable release :) <3

    • Updated DisplayItems to use the new system.
    • Redid Kit Pricing.
    • Added DisplayItem Overriding.
    • Renamed the blacklist feature to Hidden, and updated it to the new framework.
    • Removed some legacy code that was messing with delays.
    • When using...
  3. UltimateKits


    I bet a lot of you are pretty confused right about now. But I promise you this updates going to change everything. So I took about a week to dive into everything and tear the plugin apart, I had been doing it before this update and just, it wasn't really getting to where I wanted it to be. This project originally called "KitPreview" has gone at least a billion times past its original scope. A plugin that's only purpose was to allow a user to preview kits now did so much more then that...
  4. Plugin Overhauled (Part 2)

    Hey loves <3

    Part 2 of our latest adventure "Making KitPreview Not Crap" has been completed with the next and last part to this overhaul coming soon after. KitPreview is faster, more reliable, and stronger with this update. The project is now on GitHub and you can now download my beta builds on Jenkins.

    Still a bit of overhauling to do so try not to judge my code to hard yet. I wasn't...
  5. Plugin Overhauled (Part 1)

    Hey Loves,

    SoooOOooOo I bet a lot of you wonder why it is I don't update this plugin often well you see... It's awful. Not the concept the concept is great its the execution, the code is a NIGHTMARE. It was my first plugin, I had no idea what I was doing and I did my best. A year and a half has gone by and wow I have learned more then I ever thought I would, and as of late my boyfriend @2008Choco has been teaching me all sorts of cool stuffs.

    So here's an update to...
  6. Create Kits

    Hey loves, ^-^

    I had some issues to patch so I tossed a new feature in as well :D You can now create kits in the GUI with /kp createkit <kit> I have a whole list of ideas so I should be able to keep some updates coming for a while. Just if you could please buy some of my premium plugins they literally pay for my rent/food. If you can't that's fine too you don't have to <3

    Anyway enjoy this <3

    • Fixed a bug in the deeper editor sections.
    • Added some glass to the...
  7. Fix

    Hey loves,

    Massive oversight on my part when loading the default config. If you updated to the last build please update to this one as well. Thanks <3

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  8. The update that needed to happen

    Hey loves!

    So I updated KitPreview the other day and that update got a LOT of attention so I figured I would do something more major.

    In this update I have literally gutted all kitpreview functions and made the plugin not only more friendly and intuitive but stronger and better overall. It was quite bad and you will see how bad it was in the patch notes. I hope to bring more updates soon!

    • Performance Improvments,
    • Sneak Clicking and regular clicking your kit blocks no...
  9. The Performance Update!

    Hey loves!

    This update improves ram consumption by almost half! This is critical if you want better performance.

    All Love :heart:
  10. Updates


    There were some things broken, after fixing them I just D: I was looking around at the kit editor and some of the stuff was just awful so I fixed things where I saw fit. I need to do so much to this plugin xD.

    All love <3