UltimateShops - Player & Admin Item Shops [1.8 - 1.14] LITE 2.0.4

The most feature-rich and convenient item shop plugin in Minecraft! LITE

  1. Tags! Also some bug fixes

    Hey guys, long time no see! Here is another update for ya, this one adds a neat little feature for our Premium users. Tags! They allow server owners to section off specific shops for players with a specific permissions node. Also there where some bug fixes and other small general improvements. Make sure to generate new configs and language files for this update!
    • Tag permission system (Premium Only)
      • *allows server owners to add a permissions tag to a shop, meaning a player...
  2. display item dupe glitch solution? Other changes

    Welcome back to another update. So I've been extremely frustrated as of late with this display item dupe glitch. At first I thought is was paper only, but it turned out that was not the case. I thought it was plugin conflicts, but it happened to seemingly random servers of all configurations, yet I was never able to replicate it. Well, this might be it. I MIGHT have fixed it, so here is what changed:

    • Fixed duplicating items? (refer to below)
    • Removed restriction of most commands...
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  3. more bug fixes!

    Hey guys! This is a short one, just wanted to fix a blatant bug quick! (also a weird secondary one)
    • FIXED: tutorial books don’t show up in 1.8
    • FIXED: console error when deleting world and reloading shops (obscure but ok)
  4. stability update, learned a lot about paper

    Hey guys! I have received a bunch of bug reports following the release of version 2.0; I have some good news and some bad news.

    Good news, here is what I did this update:

    • FIXED crash on setting quantity per sale to zero for shops
    • FIXED getEntity lag on 1.11 - 1.14 servers
    • FIXED: strange looking formatting in tutorial books
    • FIXED: login notifications of empty shops shouldn't notify for admin shops
    • FIXED: Shops keeping infinite stock when admin status is removed....
  5. Multi Version Complete

    Hey guys! I have been hard at work for the past 12 ish hours, and am glad to say that the plugin is officially ready to officially be considered fully supported for Minecraft versions 1.8 - 1.14! Here is the change log:
    • Made plugin work crash / error free from 1.8 - 1.14
    • Made suggested prices loading error messages only show up if debug mode is on.
    • Standardized sounds, inventory names, and chat messages to be consistent and more pleasant to interact with.
    • Updated the...
  6. multi-version BETA (update ur configs and language files)

    Hi guys! A new UltimateShops Update is out, and this time I am ecstatic to announce that the plugin is Multi-Version! With major help from my bud CodingAir I can now work on the plugin for multiple versions of Minecraft! So, here are the changes I made:

    • language file support for all chat messages

    • made it so login notifications don’t show up for “sell only” shops

    • added “/ushops remoteDestroyShop worldname,x,y,z” command

    • added “ignore-build-permissions” config option...

    Hey guys! UltimateShops just got a HUGE upgrade today, probably the biggest one since launch. I added a bunch of new features and fixed a lot of bugs. IMPORTANT: delete or move your config and language files, as I made changes that require that you make new ones.

    Here is what I added:
    • Transaction log (with config toggle-ability)

    • Config option for the plugin’s “tool-item” (aka the stick)

    • Config option to not display items

    • Config options for buying and selling...
  8. 1.14.2 snapshot build

    Hey guys! WARNING this is my first build of UltimateShops for 1.14, and a lot has changed. I would suggest before you update that you back up your shops.yml files.

    Some other annoying things: I gotta update the default prices files for the new item IDs for 1.14, so if you see "failed to load this item" that's why.

    That being said, enjoy!
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  9. hotfix #2

    Hello again! I apologize for the second update so soon, but my changes in the previous version made admin shops depend on the funds of the owner. All should be fixed now!
  10. hotfix (IMPORTANT)

    Hey guys! It has come to my attention that some clever players found an exploit with the plugin that allows them to sell to a shop even if the owner doesn't have the funds.

    The bug has been squashed, and I would recommend you update immediately!