UltimateShops - Player & Admin Item Shops [1.8 - 1.15.x] LITE 2.0.6

The most feature-rich and convenient item shop plugin in Minecraft! LITE

  1. ThirtyVirus
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Languages Supported:
    English, Language File Customization

    The best item shopping solution in CraftBukkit / Spigot!

    What is UltimateShops?

    UltimateShops is a CraftBukkit / Spigot plugin which adds the ability for players to create and use slab shops! Simply take a stick and right-click any slab to be brought to an inventory menu which allows you to specify an item, buyprice, sellprice, quantity per sale, and vendor's note. Players can approach these shops and buy/sell items without any active effort from the shop owner!

    This is UltimateShops LITE. This plugin is meant as a "demo" which will allow users to determine whether or not they should use the plugin on their servers. If you install UltimateShops Premium than the 5 shops per player limit will be lifted, staff can add buy and sell commands to shops, staff can add permission tags to shops, and the plugin's chat prefix can be changed in the config file!


    • Intuitive menus can get a player set up with a fully functioning shop in less than a minute, all without commands! (although ushops does offer plenty for people that like them) The plugin even suggests prices for common items!
    • Forget about tedious restocking of shops! Vendors can just punch their shop with the item it sells and automatically have it be restocked! (Shift punching empties inventory of the item into the shop)
    • Do you have multiple shops in one area, and are too lazy to restock them one by one? Not a problem! Right click a chest with a stick to open the bulk restock menu! From there you can click on any item in your inventory to have the item be sent to a shop that you own that sells it in a radius (can be changed in the config).
    • Modify anything about a shop with a few clicks, no need to start over...COUGH SignShop....
    • Shops are indestructible! They are immune to explosions, fire, mob griefing, piston actions, griefer's tools / fists, and anything else that would normally break slabs!
    • Break a shop just as fast as you made it by right clicking the slab with a stick again to bring up the "destroy shop" menu.
    • Easy, no commands needed item shopping experience. Use is natural, so players don't need to spend 20 minutes watching a tutorial in order to use shops!
    • You can buy and sell ANY items that you want, including those with special item meta, enchantments, names, etc...
    • Admin shops are just a command away! (/ushop toggleAdmin) Admin shops have an infinite stock!
    • The plugin is lightweight, efficient, and will not add to your TPS!
    • All shops are stored nice and safe in a local database that is updated every time a shop action takes place, so you don't lose any progress even if the server crashes without warning!
    • Want to use shops for more than buying/selling items? Staff members can add buy / sell commands to a shop! These commands will execute every time a purchase is made, and can turn certain keywords into relevant data ("customer" becomes the name of the player that bought from the shop). All placeholders are available through commands.
    • Clever code that makes it so shop creation complies with area build permissions (no worldguard integration needed!)
    • Suggest prices and quantities that not only allow players to know how much their items are worth, but also to know the appropriate amount to sell per transaction. These values are able to be changed in the suggested_prices.yml file!
    • A language file that allows for easy modification of the plugin messages, thus allowing translations.
    • Version 1.8 onward support! You may install the plugin on any of these server versions and experience no issues!
    • Shop display item Immunity to ClearLag's item removal commands.
    • Transaction log so you can diagnose any scams or exploits performed by naughty players!
    • Special config options that help integrate the plugin with Towny servers.
    • Tags! You may limit any shop's usage to players who have a specific permission node.

    • ushops.user <<< gives perms to use shops
    • ushops.make <<< gives perms to make shops
    • ushops.makeshops.# <<< gives perms to make a maximum of # shops (requires ushops.make). Without this permission users can make unlimited shops.
    • ushops.admin <<< gives perms for admin features
    • ushops.tag.TAG <<< gives perms to use shops that have that TAG


    Note: the "/ushop" line of commands are intended to involve a specific shop, and for them to work you must be in game and point your cursor at the shop you wish to perform a command on.

    Most of the commands are self-explanatory, although some are complicated (such as /ushops purge). This is why there are 2 built-in tutorials in the plugin that you can use to learn the proper formatting of such commands. Open the tutorials with /ushops tutorial and /ushops adminTutorial

    User Commands

    • /ushops help
    • /ushops info
    • /ushops tutorial
    • /ushops listRadius RADIUS
    • /ushops myShops
    • /ushop info
    • /ushop create
    • /ushop modify
    • /ushop modifyBuyPrice PRICE
    • /ushop modifySellPrice PRICE
    • /ushop modifyQuantity QUANTITY
    • /ushop modifyVendorNote NOTE
    • /ushop destroy
    Staff Commands
    • /ushops save
    • /ushops reload
    • /ushops purge
    • /ushops remoteDestroyShop worldname,x,y,z
    • /ushops shopCommandHelp
    • /ushops adminTutorial
    • /ushop toggleAdmin
    • /ushop setTag TAG
    • /ushop getTag
    • /ushop removeTag
    • /ushop openAsOwner
    • /ushop getItem
    • /ushop addBuyCommand COMMAND (do not include '/')
    • /ushop addSellCommand COMMAND (do not include '/')
    • /ushop removeBuyCommand INDEX
    • /ushop removeSellCommand INDEX
    • /ushop listBuyCommands
    • /ushop listSellCommands
    • /ushop clearBuyCommands
    • /ushop clearSellCommands
    • /ushop clearCommands

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • This plugin requires Vault to be installed.
    • This plugin requires a "Vault Economy Provider" plugin to be installed. Some examples: Essentials, AConomy.
    • Make sure your Spigot version falls in the range of the supported versions listed at the top of the page.
    • Simply drag the UltimateShops.jar into your plugins folder.
    • After installing the .jar file, restart the server.
    • By modifying the config files in the "UltimateShops" folder generated by the jar, you can change how the plugin performs to your liking. You must restart your server or use "/ushops reload" to apply changes.
    • For further assistance, you may message me on discord (ThirtyVirus#7305) or email me at [email protected]. NOTE: I do not add friends on discord but my DMs are open to those that join my Discord Server.
    Before you Review

    • DO NOT leave a negative review due to bugs. Please use my contact info above and I will be happy to work with you to get the bug fixed asap.
    • Remember: servers are complicated. Certain plugins do not play nice when installed together. This may cause crashes or unexpected behavior that is not the fault of the developers of either plugin.
    • Be respectful and constructive. If a concept in the plugin is fundamentally flawed in your opinion, explain why so I can work to make it better.
    • Be fair! Just because you are experiencing a problem, that doesn't mean everyone is. My plugin getting a 1 star review because you had the wrong version of Spigot installed is pretty unfair to me, no?
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Recent Reviews

  1. Upioti
    Version: 2.0.6
    The plugin is meh, i had some errors so i asked for support on discord

    FIRST the creator doesnt have his DMs Open, you need to join his disc server and wait on #support until someone answer u

    TWO He acts like a baby if ppl give bad ratings, bad sense of humor

    THREE Better dont download this plugin, if u leave a bad review he will probably harass u in his twitter

    His support didnt help any

    Idk why u would pay $10 for a shop plugin, its just like a sign shop but pretty....
  2. merchant
    Version: 2.0.6
    You must buy premium to have more than 5 shops per person. Like wtf. Plus the easy to use design is annoying to people who are not used to it.
    1. ThirtyVirus
      Author's Response
      this is the LITE version of the plugin. Its purpose is to test if the features work for your server before you buy. It is disappointing to see the short-sidedness of this review.
  3. zMaster_
    Version: 2.0.6
    Please add 2.50 money formatting and a option for player choose the item amount for buy and i go buy the premium and give 5 starts for plugin
  4. cricke370
    Version: 2.0.6
    A really good plugin, but how do I remove a bugged shop that has no slab in its original location? I can't delete it with commands or the stick. It takes up my space.
    1. ThirtyVirus
      Author's Response
      reloading the plugin with /ushops reload should spawn a slab in the location of the shop. This is a strange bug though, haven't seen this happen before. If it keeps happening please reach out in discussions!
  5. Arezzbian
    Version: 2.0.6
    One of the most amazing shop plugins out there. Everything is documented and everything works as designed!
  6. zMaster_
    Version: 2.0.5
    Great plugin!!! sugestion: add a option for players to choose amount items he want buy in the admin shop
  7. LewisDeighton
    Version: 2.0.5
    I love this plugin, however, if a player wants to sell items it takes the money out of my account, how am i suppose to run a minecraft shop on my server if i have to eco give myself 1000000000000000000 so players are able to sell, why cant the money be taken from an infinite pot of money with a command or something
    1. ThirtyVirus
      Author's Response
      That is called an admin shop. Look at the slab and type /ushop toggleadmin. Pls remove 3 star review the feature is there ;_;
  8. xavierrrmast
    Version: 2.0.5
    excelent but How can I add more than 5 shops per user? please reply or my rate will change
    1. ThirtyVirus
      Author's Response
      This is the free version of the plugin. To unlock more than 5 shops per player you must buy premium
  9. Flying_mn
    Version: 2.0.5
    Amazing plugin, highly recommend. Very simple and easy to use. One suggestion though: You should have a place in shop UI where you can add a message to the customer. I know you can use commands to do that.
  10. MechanicCactuss
    Version: 2.0.4
    Love this plugin, works really good, hope it updates to 1.15 soon because when using this on a server people will eventually start complaining that the server isn't 1.15 yet