UltimateSigns | 1.8 - 1.14 | Sign Tools 1.4.4

Per-User Signs, Sign Editing, Command Signs and more!

  1. Performance Improvements

    - More performance improvements
    - Fixed a minor bug
  2. Performance Improvements and Bugfixes

    - Improved performance by running some tasks asynchronously
    - Fixed some bugs
  3. Hotfix: If-Statement caused Server to crash

    - The if-statement was capable of causing an infinite loop which caused the server to crash.
  4. Delays and for loop fixes

    - Added (delay number) to specify a delay (in milliseconds) for the next command to be executed.
    - Fixed for loop with multiple commands inside
    - Added -variable inside a for loop which counts down to 1
    - Fixed file size
  5. Version 1.4.0: Variable aliases

    Variables can now have aliases that can be fully configured in the aliases.yml file. This is useful because variables will often not fit on signs because of their length.
  6. Version 1.3: Sign Protection & Left clicking signs

    - Signs are now automatically protected (you can configure this in the config) from players who have not created the sign. A player with the permission ultimatesigns.break overrides this and can break every sign.
    - (left) and (right) can now be added in front of commands to only execute that command if the sign was left, or right clicked. Signs with (left) commands need to be shift + left clicked to be destroyed
    - Players...
  7. Version 1.2.1: Permission update!

    - Fixed all permissions. They should now work with your favorite permissions plugin just like you would expect!
  8. Custom variables

    - Create custom variables in the config!
  9. Major Bugfix

    Fixes a bug that caused many errors
  10. Version 1.1: Configurable messages

    You can now configure all messages by the plugin in the config.yml!