UltimateStaff | Staff list - OPList - Vanish - Freeze - Broadcast - ClearMute - GUI - List and other 1.3.1

Add some staff utilities to your server

  1. Blockinfo fix and custom console reload message

    • Fixed an internal error of /blockinfo
    • Added the custom reload message also for console command
  2. Bug fix, new options, new help menu

    • Fixed some default messages of chat clear
    • Added a message for block chat if chat is muted
    Code (YAML):
    : '&c&l[!] &cThe chat is muted'
    • Added max block distance of /blockinfo
    Code (YAML):
    : 100
    • Added a small help menu for console
    • Now the help menu for users (/ustaff) automatically adds commands that users can execute based on permissions...
  3. GUI fix

    Fixed an issue that duplicate the heads in the list's gui or did not show them
    and made the code better
  4. Bug fix

    Fixed an issue that locks players invetories and put the correct plugin version in the plugin.yml
  5. List command, new GUI

    Added /list that show a GUI with all players online (Permission: UltimateStaff.list)

  6. Fix RandomPlayer

    Fixed the command /RandomPlayer (had not been registered)
  7. New commands and recode

    - New commands:
    • /Blockinfo (get info about the block you are looking at)
    • /ItemInfo (get info on item in your hand)
    • /ClearChat (clear the chat)
    • /ChatMute (mute the chat)
    • /RandomPlayer (teleport to a random player)
    - Made the plugin more efficient and devided it in multiple classes
    - Optimized some events
    - Added 1.13 support (I didn't tested it for no time so I don't know if it works)
  8. v1.0.1 | Update check

    - Added update check
    - Added a string in the config where you can toggle update check