UltimateTimber - The Realistic Tree Chopper (Formerly TreeAssist) 1.0.12

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. Lets try again

    Hey :eek: We meet again ;)

    I am overjoyed to finally bring you this update as it's been planned for months now. It's no secret that the way I left TreeAssist was a mess, and I 100% apologize for that. I took over the plugin and made a lot of decisions you guys really didn't agree with and I should have done better. I've learned from it, won't do it again.

    Today TreeAssist becomes UltimateTimber taking its rather fitting place in our Ultimate line besides other notable plugins like UltimateKits and UltimateStacker. This plugin will continue to be well supported and receive frequent patches as result of reported issues and updates to honor your suggestions.

    I hope you enjoy this breath of fresh air for this plugin that we all love,
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