UltimateTimber - The Realistic Tree Chopper (Formerly TreeAssist) 1.0.13

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. UltimateTimber 1

    This is a pre-release if you would like a more stable version please do not use this. (Although it's fully tested)

    This pre-release is only available for 1.13+ the 1.12.2- version will available with the full release.​

    A lot has happened since I took over this project in February. It was my first established take over and it couldn't have gone worse. I forced a library people didn't want and didn't even bother to ask what people did want. So here's how I want to proceed going forward. If you don't like a feature or would like a feature just ask me or one of our devs. We got you <3

    So renamed the plugin to better fit our marketing removed the library no one wanted and rewrote the plugin from the ground up. Honestly, I think it is pretty awesome in its current state and I hope you guys agree with me.

    The front page has been redesigned to depict the current features of the plugin and we won't provide a change log as this is the initial build and that wouldn't make sense.

    This has been in active development for about a month now and I really hope it works for you guys.

    Please let me know,
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