UltimateTimber - The Realistic Tree Chopper (Formerly TreeAssist) 1.0.12

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. Patches

    Legacy fix:
    - Fixed where it dropped unknown texture of oak log, instead of log on side placed logs.
    - Fixed where mushrooms drops blocks instead of mushroom without silk touch
    - Fixed where dark oak logs drops oak saplings instead of dark oak, and so with acacia

    Global fix:
    - Made so animation starts at middle of block, not in side
    - Fixed /ut reload requires - ultimatetimber.reload
    - Made mushrooms replants
    - Fixed where when animation is disabled, it doesn't replant

    Patreon Supporters:
    1. AkaliathMC - play.akaliath.fr
    2. CerealLand - play.cland.cc
    3. iSkyify - MC.iSkyify.net
    4. DeathPixel - sta-04.deluxeno.de:40271
    5. apocalypsezenny - voidempire.mchost.pro
    6. JasonTheFurry - Sage.fluctis.com
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