UltimateTimber - The Realistic Tree Chopper (Formerly TreeAssist) 1.0.13

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. Update: 1 Entry

    • Added an optional five-second timeout so that people don't accidentally crush their saplings.
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    1. AkaliathMC - play.akaliath.fr
    2. CerealLand - play.cland.cc
    3. iSkyify - MC.iSkyify.net
    4. JasonTheFurry - Sage.fluctis.com
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  2. Patches: 2 Fixes

  3. Update: 1 Entry

  4. Lets try again

    Hey :eek: We meet again ;)

    I am overjoyed to finally bring you this update as it's been planned for months now. It's no secret that the way I left TreeAssist was a mess, and I 100% apologize for that. I took over the plugin and made a lot of decisions you guys really didn't agree with and I should have done better. I've learned from it, won't do it again.

    Today TreeAssist becomes UltimateTimber taking its rather fitting place in our Ultimate line besides other notable plugins like...
  5. UltimateTimber 1

    This is a pre-release if you would like a more stable version please do not use this. (Although it's fully tested)

    This pre-release is only available for 1.13+ the 1.12.2- version will available with the full release.​

    A lot has happened since I took over this project in February. It was my first established take over and it couldn't have gone worse. I forced a library people didn't want and didn't even bother to ask what people did want....
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  6. 1.13 update

    Hey Loves <3

    We are now compatible with 1.13 You will NEED to reset your config in order to use this as they ARE NOT interchangeable.

    • Compiles against 1.13

    Enjoy <3
  7. Arconix Update

    Hey everyone,
    Just an update telling you to update your Arconix.

    - New Arconix (no longer compatible with the old version)
    - Switch to using Maven
    - UTF-8 file encodings

    - Kram
  8. Improvements

    Hey guys :)

    Quick update notice here to showcase the changes made in recent versions. Credit to Nova for the fixes and improvements.
    • [FIX] Leaf remove no longer ignored
    • [FIX] Saplings now replant properly
    • [FIX] Permissions issues
    • [IMPROVEMENT] Disable flat file logger by default
    • [FIX] Flatfile logger memory leaks
    • [FIX] Tree animation no longer breaks random blocks
    • [FIX] Harvesting tree now drops correct amount of wood
    • [IMPROVEMENT] Cleanup old...
  9. Jenkins Update

    Hey loves TreeAssist is back on Jenkins, this should allow us to push better faster more reliable updates for you :)

    Plugin should get an official update today or tomorrow.
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  10. Polish from the last build.

    All aboard the update train!

    Hey loves, so in this update I expanded on some features and added additional features. I still have more i'd like to get done but this is what I have time for today ^-^ <3 :O

    • Removed more useless methods.
    • EpicWorldGenerator support has been optimized.
    • Added support for RealisticWorldGenerator.
    • Default setting for apples decreased.
    • Animated drop optimized for taller trees.
    • "Main.Destroy Only Blocks Above" is now observed....