UltimateTimber - The Realistic Tree Chopper (Formerly TreeAssist) 1.0.13

Auto Destroy, Auto Replant and more!

  1. Massive reconstruction, Better accuracy in tree finding and EpicWorldGenerator support

    Hey loves!

    So I know its been a while since I originally posted my little updates for TreeAssist, I've been a bit busy but I had some time and was able to overhaul the plugin and resolve as lot of the issues for you guys. I've completely redone how the plugin decides what a Tree is, I took thousands of lines of codes and compacted it into a single simple algorithm that has yet to fail me. With this new method of "Tree Searching" The plugin can now adapt to work with custom trees like those...
  2. Quick FIx

    Hey guys,

    Heres a few bug fixes, there will be fewer of these once my first week here is up :p

    • Objects under trees were occasionally being destroyed, this is resolved.
    • Configuration will no longer reset on restart.

    Sorry if this is causing anyone an inconvenience!

    All Love <3
  3. Animated Tree Chopper

    Hey guys!

    So I added two new features I hope you love em :)

    • Code optimization.
    • Trees can now be optionally animated when chopped.
    • There is an optional sound when chopping a tree down.

    Enjoy, i'll be back with more updates asap, please message me if theres any issues at all <3
    Brianna ^-^
  4. A New Begining

    Hey loves,

    So my names Brianna you may know me from a few of my plugins such as EpicSpawners or KitPreview. This plugin's development was halted as the developer had moved on to other things and I felt almost compelled to try and keep it alive, up to date and full of awesome features. So here I am. I had recently made a plugin called...
  5. v5.11.50 - some bugfixes that have been on the jenkins for some time - sorryyyyyy

    v5.11.50 - DarkOak also fixed for github issue #19 now - sorryyy
    v5.11.49 - Address github issue #19 by double checking the verification for big trees
    v5.11.48 - Address github issue #18 by verifying that a tree is actually big
    v5.11.47 - Add a toggle to disable the plugin when NOT sneaking "When Not Sneaking" - makes sense, right?
  6. TreeAssist v5.11.46 (hotfix)

    v5.11.46 - Fix big spruce trees not being recognized properly
    v5.11.45 - Do not try to place saplings on invalid ground
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  7. TreeAssist v5.11.44

    v5.11.44 - Try fixing an API change in mcMMO
    v5.11.43 - This is why I normally do not work without an IDE - maybe finally fix build?
    v5.11.42 - GitHub desktop is not searchable. Good to know. PSPad to the rescue! Fix breaking build
    v5.11.41 - remove unused debuggers
    v5.11.39 - several improvements, in the leaf decay enhancement and the block list
    v5.11.38 - catch another NPE in DarkOak implementation
    v5.11.37 - catch NPE in DarkOak Tree implementation, skip air blocks when removing later...
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  8. TreeAssist v5.10.36

    This is a big overhaul and a huge improvement, CPU wise. Depending on the tree type you fell, improvements vary from 50% to 95%

    v5.10.36 - make natural blocks readable; destroy blocks before leaves (looks faster ;) ); support SAND as ground; split shroom determination and optimize individually;
    v5.10.35 - optimize dark oak tree determination - cut down the fat down to FIVE percent of the former checks
    v5.10.34 - optimize big jungle tree determination - take the block checks down to 20% from...
  9. TreeAssist v5.10.17

    v5.10.17 - push this version to jenkins, fix an issue about disappearing items in 1.10, backwards compatible to 1.9!
    v5.10.4 - add more keywords to start and stop debugging
    v5.10.3 - add cooldown override for forcebreak
    v5.10.2 - add forcebreak, forcegrow, including permissions and messages
  10. TreeAssist v5.10.1

    This fixes some issues with mcMMO compatibility.

    - 1.9 only !!! -