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UltimateTs [Link Minecraft & TeamSpeak rank easily][MySQL][openSource] 2.1.4

A ultimate way to link your Minecraft server and your TeamSpeak !

  1. DiscowZombie
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    rogermb and her TeamSpeak-3-Java-API. More info about this API: https://github.com/TheHolyWaffle/TeamSpeak-3-Java-API.
    IMPORTANTE NOTE - Monday 28/08/17 : Unfortunately, my disponibility doesn't allow me to update and fix issues of this plugin. Updates will be rare, as like fixes (But the project isn't abandoned. I make updates when I get more times). Source code remains accessible and I would continue to accept "Pull Request" and commits them to the master branch. I thank, in advance, all the people who participate in the source code to make the plugin better.

    UltimateTs is a simple plugin, allowed you to interact easly with your TeamSpeak server. With UltimateTS, you can link your accounts (and your ranks), send broadcast on TeamSpeak and more !
    You can link your MC accounts and TeamSpeak simply. If you would like to link ranks, you need a permission plugins (like PermissionsEx, zPerms, LuckPerms, Vault,...). You can also choose to link MC accounts and TeamSpeak accounts without linking ranks. When the TeamSpeak and Minecraft accounts are linked, the player have a custom description like "MC Name: name". The plugin use this public TeamSpeak 3 Java API: https://github.com/TheHolyWaffle/TeamSpeak-3-Java-API. You can use UltimateTs Authenticator, made by @simonsator, for TeamSpeak extension for Party and Friends. A big thanks to him !

    -- Commands --

    Ingame commands:
    • /ts link: Link your Minecraft and TeamSpeak accounts ;
    • /ts unlink: Unlink your Minecraft and TeamSpeak accounts ;
    • /ts status: Get if your accounts are linked ;
    • /ts broadcast: Broadcast a message on TeamSpeak ;
    • /ts list (minecraft|teamspeak): Get a list of online users on Minecraft or on TeamSpeak.
    • /ts update {player}: Update player servers groups with new permissions.
    • /ts ip: Display TeamSpeak IP address ;
    TeamSpeak commands:
    • $ping: Reply with pong ;
    • $info: Send plugin info directly on TeamSpeak ;

    -- Permissions --
    • ultimatets.all: Gives access to all UltimateTS commands ;
    • ultimatets.broadcast: Allowed using /ts broadcast ;
    • ultimatets.list.all: View all players online on TeamSpeak and Minecraft ;
    • ultimatets.list.teamspeak: View all players online on TeamSpeak ;
    • ultimatets.list.minecraft: View all players online on Minecraft ;
    • ultimatets.update: Update player servers groups with new permissions.
    -- Configurations --
    Code (Text):
      ip: localhost
      username: serveradmin
      password: password
      port: 9987
      name: UltimateTs
      enable: false
      host: localhost
      name: databaseName
      user: root
      password: password
      kickNotRegister: false
      defaultGroupId: 8
    #A value of 0 do not asign rank!
      assignWhenRegister: 0
      yesReponse: 'YES'
      myPermission: 7
         admin: 2
         admin: 2

    Code (Text):
      poke: '[color=red]You need to register yourself before join TeamSpeak. Use ''/ts
      link'' IG to link your accounts.'
      kick: Please register yourself !
      online: Bot Online!
      offline: Bot Offline!
      online: Connection successfully.
      offline: Successfully disconnected.
      sucess: '&bYour TeamSpeak and Minecraft are now linked ! Your MC Name is %mcname%.'
      ready: '&bYour MC account is ready to be link ! Log in into TeamSpeak and get
      your accounts linked !'
      desc: 'MC Name: %mcname%'
      already: '&aYour MC and TeamSpeak are always linked, use /ts unlink to link it.'
      linked: '&aYour MC and TeamSpeak are linked. Use /ts unlink to unlink-it.'
      info: '&bYour TeamSpeak name is %tsname% (DbId: %dbid%).'
      confirmation: '&cWarning: Unlink you MC and TeamSpeak account removed all your
      servergroups on TeamSpeak. Do you really want to continue ? If yes, type ''YES''
      in chat (WITHOUT SLASH), else type another response. '
      'yes': '&aReceived reponse YES. &rYour MC and TeamSpeak are now unlinked !'
      'no': '&cReceived reponse NO, canceled.'
      already: '&cYour MC and TeamSpeak aren''t linked yet!'
      unlinked: '&bYour MC and TeamSpeak account aren''t linked. Use /ts link to link-it.'
      empty: '&cYour message can''t be empty.'
      teamspeak: '%message%.'
      minecraft: (TeamSpeak) %message%.
      sender: 'You broadcast this message on TeamSpeak: %message%.'
      size: '&2There are %n players online:'
      player: '&8- &f%player% &8- &7%uuid%'
      'false': '  &7Linked: &c%linked_true_false%'
      'true': '  &7Linked: &a%linked_true_false% ยง7with &b%linked_name% &8(&7%dbid%&8)'
      size: '&2There are %n players online:'
      user: '&8- &f%name% &8(&7%dbid%&8)'
      player: '&aYou updated server groups of %player%.'
      nolink: '&c%player% has never linked his account !'

    -- Link your accounts --
    Before linking your accounts, your Bot need to be configurated (read "Installation" for more infos).
    • Go to Minecraft and enter /ts link.
      You will receive a message "Your account is ready ...", perfect.
    • Login on TeamSpeak.
    Warning: When you login into TeamSpeak, you need to have the default group (set in configuration) and be in the default channel to be checked by the bot ! Else, your be "invisible" for the bot and you can't link your accounts ! If you or your staff have another groups, please remove them before try to link your accounts.
    • If all is clear, the bot will put you your ranks, modify your description as well and send you a poke confirming that you have tied your accounts.
    Perfect, you can now enjoy yourself !
    For somes reason, you can choose to unlink your accounts, you just have to enter /ts unlink and write YES in chat and it's ok. Your accounts are now unlinked.

    -- Installation --
    Before start installing, you need:
    • A minecraft server off ;
    • A TeamSpeak server running ;
    • You Admin Query password (gived when you start your TeamSpeak server for the first time!) ;
    If you have any question about Admin Query on TeamSpeak, read this: http://media.teamspeak.com/ts3_literature/TeamSpeak 3 Server Query Manual.pdf.

    Warning: To avoid losing access to your TeamSpeak server, it is highly recommended that you create a privilege key BEFORE you start the bot for the first time (key you can use in case of problems).

    Now you can start:
    • First, download the plugin ;
    • Drag and drop the plugin into your /plugins folder ;
    Start your server. It's possible that UltimateTs generated error, it's normal. Now, stop your server.
    • Now, a new folder will be created (plugins/UltimateTs).
      You can now go to the configuration file (plugins/UltimateTs/config.yml). You need to add you TeamSpeak server IP & your password:
    Code (Text):
    #Change by your TeamSpeak server IP (WITHOUT PORT)
      ip: localhost
      username: serveradmin
      password: password
    #Port of your TeamSpeak server
      port: 9987
    #A name for the bot !
      name: UltimateTs
    • You can choose to use a database (to save your linked players in database) or to save in this file. If you want to use a database, enter your informations here:
    Code (Text):
      enable: false
      host: localhost
      name: databaseName
      user: root
      password: password
    Else, leave this.
    • You can choose if players were kicked when they joined the TeamSpeak and aren't registered by changing this:
    Code (Text):
    #Kick players if they haven't linked her account
      kickNotRegister: false
    • Now, you need to change the value of
    Code (Text):
    by the value of your default group on TeamSpeak (My default rank on TeamSpeak is guest with the id 8).

    If you want all your linked players to get a special rank on TeamSpeak, you can by changing:
    Code (Text):
    by the id of your TeamSpeak ranks.

    Now, you need to define linked TeamSpeak ranks for your players. The ranks system is baised on permissions. Add this:
    Code (Text):
        exemplePerms: 10
    exemplePerms is your permission and 10 is the ranks to link. In each permissions plugin, all ranks had the permission group.<name of rank> (or rank.<name of rank> depend on your PemissionSystem). Then, to link your ranks, add the permission group.<name of rank> (or rank.<name of rank> depend on your PemissionSystem) and the id of your TeamSpeak ranks.

    You can add an infinit numbers of permissions !

    Code (Text):
      group.admin: 7
      group.mod: 9
      group.vip: 10
      mypermission: 12
    Admin will get the TeamSpeak rank 7, Mod: 9, VIP: 10 and players with permission "mypermission": 12.

    • When you are finish configs all ranks and messages (you can modify all messages in UltimateTs/messages.yml), you can save and run you server !
    Warning: Before editing configuration, ALWAYS STOP your server.
    • To be sure that the Bot is online, there are several solutions:
    - You can check the console, if she said "Bot online!" when starting the server, it's ok !

    - Click on your TeamSpeak server. If "Current Query" equals one, it's ok.
    - Go to the default channel and type $ping. If the bot reply with "pong!", it's ok.

    That's perfect, your players can now link there accounts. If you have any problem, question or sugest, open a new issues on github: https://github.com/DiscowZombie/UltimateTs/issues.

    -- Help & support --

    If you need some help, open a new issues on github: https://github.com/DiscowZombie/UltimateTs/issues.
    Source code available: https://github.com/DiscowZombie/UltimateTs.

    Have fun and don't forgot to give 5 stars if you like the plugin :D

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed #5
  2. Fixed #4
  3. /ts ip, %tsip%

Recent Reviews

  1. tippolo
    Version: 2.1.4
    Well done plugin! works well......................only /ts unlink give me an error :)
  2. Monstastisch
    Version: 2.1.4
    Dieses Plugin verändert massiv die Serverdaten. Musste Root-Server neuinstallieren. Dieses Plugin macht mehr kaputt als dann es hilft. Nicht downloaden!!! Funktioniert nicht
  3. Nolitugija
    Version: 2.1.4
    Gruppen werden nicht gesetzt, Config spielt zufällig an meinen Permission-Einträgen rum, als Verify-Plugin gut, für Ränge nicht zu gebrauchen :(, schade!
  4. malachiel
    Version: 2.1.4
    Really good and simple to use! Keep the good and nice work, thank you for make this plugin free!
    1. DiscowZombie
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your fantastic feedback <3
  5. TheFighter86
    Version: 2.1.3
    Really God Plugin. Thanks. I hope you Update this Plugin. || Richtig gutes Plugin. Ich freue mich auf weitere Updates.

    I come from Germany! Sorry for my bad english!

    MfG. || Have a nice day,
    nxtFighter || TheFighter86
    1. DiscowZombie
      Author's Response
  6. IdrisMCNL
    Version: 2.1.0
    Awesome plugin!!!!! But please add 1.12 support and the PARTY AND FRIENDS TEAMSPEAK ADDON support so the player do not need to sync the rank and partyandfriend plugin!
    1. DiscowZombie
      Author's Response
  7. Killdore
    Version: 2.0.2
    Amazing plugin to have, to link and add ranks.
    Good and fast support.
    It's simple, and easy to set up, only takes some TeamSpeak skills, which I think users with this plugin have.

    Will try MySQL after I get access to it, by the Server Manager.
    1. DiscowZombie
      Author's Response
      Thank for your fantastic reviews :D
  8. Killer123451
    Version: v1.4.2
    AMazing can you add support for luckperms permissions plugin ???????????????????? AND GOOD JOB KEEP IT UP MAN :)
    1. DiscowZombie
      Author's Response

      I added Vault support in v1.4.3, also you can use the plugin with LuckPerm :) 100% compatibilty with LuckPerm arrived very soon :P

  9. deanomus
    Version: v1.3.0
    Good support
    Good plugin
    nice features


    thanks for added mysql support

    (sorry for my bad english, i am german xD )
    1. DiscowZombie
      Author's Response
      Thank to you :D
  10. techy509
    Version: v1.1.1
    Good customer support :)

    Thanks for the plugin its a great plugin when you get it to work with me
    1. DiscowZombie