UltimateZones 0.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Plugin to protect areas and managing access rights to these areas

  1. DerTod2
    This plugin allows to protect areas and give rights to different players. All features of the plugin can be found in the list below:

    This plugin only works with spigot.

    • Allows to protect areas
      • Create SubZones with an unlimited depth
      • Two different SubZone Types
        • Extended (inherits rights of parent zone)
        • Independent
      • Two different methods to give rights to players
        • Use of the Flags to give specific rights to players
          ex. 1: The player can break only dirt and place
          only dirt in containers.
          ex. 2: The player can ONLY see the content of containers
        • Use of Presets with already set flags (no presets included in plugin)
          This is easier for players, just create a preset once and every zone owner can copy the rights of the preset to an other player
      • Besides the Flags an zone owner (or player with enough rights) can allow only specific blocks to place/break. This allows to control each block inside an zone.
    • Multilingual with two inlcuded locales: de_DE and en_US
      • Can automatically use the client locale or forces a locale over the configuration file
      • Possibility to override specific phrases with override files (see readme file inside locales folder of UltimateZones)
    • Displays zones without needed client mods over particles
    • Four different geometries
      • Cuboid
      • Sphere
      • Cylinder
      • Polygon
    • Integrated support for dynmap
    • Integrated Updater
      • Searches for updates at the start of the server and every 12 hours
        • Can be disabled in config.yml file
      • Automatically downloads updates to update folder, server owner only needs to restart/reload the server
        • Can be enabled in config.yml
    • Highly configurable over config.yml and configuration files for each world
    • Search for Zones with /uzone find
    • Possibility to split the Command /uzone to four separate commands: /zone, /rights, /preset and /find (/uzone always available)
    This plugin has two dependencies. These are:
    1. DatabaseHandler (github)
      Handles connections to the database with support for mysql, postgre and sqlite.
    2. ZonesLib (github)
      Provides the methods to save, create and delete zones.
    For more informations and the download of the dependencies see the github pages. Newest builds can also be downloaded from nexus.

    Download the jar over the "Download" link on this page. Goto the Releases tab on github and download the latest release.

    Just grab the jar file and put in inside the plugins folder. Remember to download the dependencies too. Configure the plugins over the config.yml files. Each file is documented and should be easily understandable.

    A List of all permissions can be found here
    A List of all Flags (with permissions) can be found here

    This is my first public plugin :/