UltiTools 1.0.0

The ultimate tools for your world!

  1. Voidev
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    UltiTools - The ultimate tools for your world!

    With this plugin installed, you can type a single command to access A LOT of settings (more settings will be added throughout time).

    (The Main Menu, http://img.coloredcarrot.com/mc/spigot_plugins/ultitools/v1.0.0/screenshot-1.png)

    (Changing your game mode, http://img.coloredcarrot.com/mc/spigot_plugins/ultitools/v1.0.0/screenshot-2.png)

    (Changing the weather, http://img.coloredcarrot.com/mc/spigot_plugins/ultitools/v1.0.0/screenshot-3.png)

    For the sake of simplicity, there is only one command.

    This command opens the main GUI seen in picture one.
    Permission: ultitools.use

    There are not many permissions in this plugin; actually, there are only two.

    This allows a player to use every feature of this plugin.
    By default, noone will have this permission.

    This allows a player to open all GUIs. Note that that doesn't mean that they have the rights to perform any action by clicking on the items.
    By default, only operators will have this permission.

    The installation process of this plugin is also very simple. There are just 3 steps to follow:
    1. Download this plugin
    2. Move the downloaded .jar file to /plugins/
    3. Restart the server

    Here you go, my big TO-DO list.
    • World switcher
    • Hidden blocks/items
    • Open main GUI on item click
    • Command "keybinds"
    • ... post your ideas in the discussion tab!

    If you have found a bug or just generally want to get some support for this plugin, feel free to contact me through http://www.coloredcarrot.com/contact

Recent Reviews

  1. audioXD
    Version: 1.0.0
    Good plugin, it is practical.
    PS: Arent keybinds imposible(Unless you use macrokeys)
    1. Voidev
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! With "command keybinds", I meant that you could type "/ut bind <key> <command>" once and then when you type <key> in chat it executes <command>.