Ultra Bar 2.3.1

Send Boss Bar messages, Titles, and Actionbars! |1.12 - 1.17|

  1. 2.3.1 | Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug where an NPE would occur when a player would leave the server on certain settings.
    - Fixed a bug where an NPE would occur when the plugin was reloaded on certain settings.
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  2. 2.3.0 | Improved Boss Bar Announcements & 1.17

    - Added support for Minecraft 1.17.
    - Changed the internal system for how BossBar announcements work.
    - The progress of bar announcements can now be disabled.
    - Player specific placeholders using PlaceholderAPI now work on bar announcements.
    - Updated the config with a slightly new format. (The plugin should automatically update the config).
    - Added tab completion to the ultrabar command.
    - Added tab completion to the actionbar command.
    - Added the ability to cancel a bar...
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  3. 2.2.5 | Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed an error when a bar was created with no players.
    - Fixed a bug where the timer would go negative before removing itself.
    - Added support for Hex Color Codes on bars.
  4. 2.2.4 | Persistent Bars

    - Added the ability for persistent bars to be saved after reload or shut down. Saved bars will be loaded back in when the server starts up again.
    - Made a few changes to the developer API.
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  5. | 1.16.4 Update

    - The plugin now supports 1.16.3 and 1.16.4.
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  6. 2.2.3 | Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug where the 'clear' parameter would not work.

    - Changed some of the default config.yml settings to be more desirable.
  7. 2.2.2 | 1.16.2 Support

    Version Changes:
    - Added support for 1.16.2.

    - The "perm" parameter has been renamed to "persistent".
    - Added the "permission" parameter. ("perm" is now an aliases for the permission parameter).

    For more information about bar parameters, click here.
  8. 2.2.1 | Bug Fixes + Improvements

    - Added in two new placeholders for boss bars: %time_left% and %time_left_form%. (Additional Details can be found here).

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug where the world whitelist would not work properly with the boss bar announcer.
    - Fixed a bug where boss bars would have a delay before starting their countdown.

    Additional Changes:
    - Improved the Java...
  9. 2.2 Update | 1.16.1 Support

    Supported Versions:
    - Added support for 1.16.1.
    - Remove support for 1.11.

    - Changed the title command to use the same system as the bar command. (Wiki documentation)

    - Added support for PlaceHolderAPI in the title command.

    - Added support for hex color codes in all features. (Except ActionBars). To use Hex Colors put {#3B32EA} in front of the text like a normal color code....
  10. 1.15 Update

    - Added support for 1.15.

    Notice for 1.15 users:
    With 1.15 for some reason when there are more then one bar on the screen they look like this: [​IMG]
    That is not a bug. It is like that in vanilla minecraft.
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