UltraAuth v2.1.2

A new Type of Auth Plugin!

  1. xXkguyXx
    UltraAuth is a New LightWeight Auth Plugin! I created this plugin because I do not like the other auth plugins as they lag when there are alot of People On! This is why I Created ULTRAAUTH!
    UltraAuth disallows players to do certin things, like move, walk, break blocks if they are not Logged in! Use this Plugin to Secure your Server if it is in Offline Mode!

    WARNING When First Installing This Plugin, Go To your Spawn and do /ultraauth setspawn

    • /login <password> - Lets A Player Login
    • /register <password> - Lets A Player Register
    • /resetpassword <OldPassword> <NewPassword> - Lets a Player Reset There Password
    • /ultraauth - Admin Commands
    • /login - NO PERMISSION
    • /register - NO PERMISSION
    • /resetpassword - ultraauth.resetpassword
    • /ultraauth - ultraauth.admin
    • Teleports Player to Spawn on Join
    • Gives Players PotionEffects Insted of using resource intensive Event(removes on Login, and Telelports Player Back to Location)
    • Lightweight
    • Encrypt Players Passwords
    • UUID Supported
    • My SQL Support
    • Anti Bot Join
    • Your Ideas
    The API of UltraAuth can be viwed here.

    All and any support is greatly appreciated !


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Recent Updates

  1. API add
  2. Updates of sorts
  3. CMD update

Recent Reviews

  1. sufian
    Version: v2.1.2
    The plugin is great and light weight , can please make a limit on " Please use /login <password>" how many it will show . until login
  2. LuckyZeeRo
    Version: v2.1.2
    1. Spammed a lot of warnings about spawn not setted up. I need to join and to set the spawn, but I need to login, but to login I need set the spawn. Nice logic.
    2. Potion effects doesn't locks me at all. I can't move but I can jump and more. Furthermore I can't configure it!
    3. The last - on plugin enable there is always console exception
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN [Fatal Error] :1:1: Premature end of file.
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 1; Premature end of file.
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.DOMParser.parse(DOMParser.java:257)
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.jaxp.DocumentBuilderImpl.parse(DocumentBuilderImpl.java:339)
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN at javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder.parse(DocumentBuilder.java:121)
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN at ultraauth.main.update.UpdateChecker.updateNeeded(UpdateChecker.java:36)
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN at ultraauth.main.Main.Updater(Main.java:136)
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN at ultraauth.main.Main.load(Main.java:57)
    13.08 01:18:09 [Server] WARN at ultraauth.main.Main.onEnable(Main.java:41)
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      Will look into this. Expect an update soon.
  3. Lasagnew
    Version: v2.1.2
    But I miss MySQL and some things like: Aliases (customize commands), disable effects, choose save or not the inventory of the players ... With the plugin exceptions is a perfection!
    (Oh, I've been taking some console errors, they do not cause any problems inside the game, but it sends many unnecessary messages to any console: D)
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I have plans! Stay tuned!
  4. Jawarrior1
    Version: v2.1.2
    One of the best! It is robust and does not have lag if you set it up right. Great for bungee servers.
    1. xXkguyXx
  5. twsgermany
    Version: v2.1.2
    The Plugin does safe the inventory in the players/nickname.yml well, but after the login command the inventory is still empty... ingame and in nickname.yml

    Please fix :( Its a rly good plugin
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      Version of the plugin you are using and version of spigot you are using?
  6. AutoPotzzzz
    Version: v2.1.1
    Very good plugin! Protects my server ALOT! use potion effects instead of player move for less lag! AMAZING!!
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      Thanks you! :D
  7. senpai_redmonk
    Version: v2.1.1
    works like a charm - additional words to make it review 100 characters at least so i can send it, i love oyu
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and support! :D
  8. TheSpiderGamer
    Version: v2.1.1
    Please add permissions to /login and /register then i can do so only staff have to register and login to prevent account hackers for staff and the noobs that do not know what how to type commands dont need to register and login
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      This plugin isn't for that. Its for cracked servers.
  9. Metrofict
    Version: v2.0.8
    It is a good plugin but really want aƱadieras system MySQL, Since I really need a really good plugin like this and good work
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      MySQL may not come just yet, it will come. I'm busy with other projects and my own server
  10. BKJCraft
    Version: v2.0.8
    Awesome Auth Plugin

    Maybe you add features like

    /login and when i type the password its like (*****)
    maybe not impossible in protocolHack :D
    1. xXkguyXx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!