UltraGuns 1.0 BETA

Ever wanted guns in your server? UltraGuns is the solution! With pistols, machine guns and rgp's!

  1. HelloitsRien
    Guns in Minecraft

    Did you ever wanted guns in your server?
    Now is your chance!

    UltaGuns offers a all in one gun plugin, supported for Bukkit and Spigot!

    Gun types
    We offer the following guns:

    • Pistol (a normal gun, with a shooting delay of 2 seconds and an instant kill, 10 hearts damage)
    • Machine gun (a fast gun, with no delay, and a damage of 2.5 hearts a time)
    • RPG (A tank gun, with a delay of 4 seconds, it has an explosion, and sets every entity in a radius off 5 blocks on fire, instant kill)
    • Knife (Actually, not a gun, just a blaze-rod with some extra damage)

    Usage & installation


    • Download UltraGuns
    • Put UltraGuns.jar in your plugins folder
    • Reload/restart your server,
    • Enjoy the glorious sound of death entity's!

    Here a list of all commands and their permissions
    • /ug pistol :: Gives you a pistol :: ultraguns.gun.pistol
    • /ug machinegun :: Gives you a machine gun :: ultraguns.gun.machinegun
    • /ug rpg :: Gives you a rpg :: ultraguns.gun.rpg
    • /ug knife :: Gives you a knife : ultraguns.gun.knife

    Do you still have any questions?
    Just ask!
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Recent Reviews

  1. voodootje0
    Version: 1.0 BETA
    Awesome plugin!
    1. HelloitsRien
      Author's Response
      Your image looks familiar, do i know you?
  2. JordyPwner
    Version: 1.0 BETA
    Pistol and RPG doesnt work
    1. HelloitsRien
      Author's Response
      Just working on here,
      Re-downloaded and tested twice, can you please tell me whats wrong? As i don't have any issues.