UltraHardcore Reloaded Version 1.4

A very complete UHC plugin, lightweight, actively maintained and updated, with a lot of features

  1. AmauryPi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    jonyroda97 (translator, lot of ideas), ProkopyL, Jenjeur
    Languages Supported:
    Brazilian (pt_BR), Chinese (zh_CN), Czech (cs_CZ), French (fr_FR), Portuguese (pt_PT)

    Just another UHC plugin?
    Well, not exactly. This plugin is a very complete UltraHardcore plugin, lightweight, actively maintained and updated, with a lot of features, for Bukkit 1.7.9+ (1.8 included!).

    Github & Spigot stable 1.4 · Development builds 1.5


    Please note — the description below is being updated to the 1.2 version. By the meantime, please use the README on GitHub to see the features of the latest version of this plugin.


    This plugin manages an UHC match, with a lot of options.

    All the standard features of an UltraHardcore plugin are here: no regeneration with food, teleportation of the players (grouped by teams or in solo), etc. But wait! We have some unique features...

    Almost all features can be disabled, see the configuration file.


    The time is divided with episodes. An episode is nothing more than a time mark; this can be used to compare the duration of two matches, to manage the advancement of the game for the players, to say « Border reduction at the next episode », or (the original objective) to split a published video of the game...

    The end of an episode is broadcasted in the chat, or in a title.




    Match infos are displayed on a scoreboard, on the left of the screen.
    This scoreboard contains the number of alive players, teams, along with the current episode.

    Of course, the title of this scoreboard can be changed, as well as his content.

    Also, the health of the players is displayed in the players list.

    Gameplay tweaks

    New and changed crafts, new tracker compass...

    Golden heads
    Players drop their head on death (PVP-only flag available). Then...


    (You can configure the amount of golden apple crafted, the type (enchanted or not), the number of hearts regenerated, and if a lore is added (saying “Made from the fallen head of ThePlayer”) — for each kind of “golden head”.)

    Difficulty increased
    Because else, it's too simple.

    New crafts.
    Option to disable ghast tears (replaced by gold) (to avoid regeneration potions), level-II potions (dat power), enchanted golden apple (dat POWER).


    With a compass, if you right-click with some rotten flesh in your inventory, the compass will point to the nearest player (team excluded).
    But it's not as simple as that. The craft is different: you'll need one loot from each main aggressive mobs.


    This is a semi-shapeless recipe: the central part (iron + central ingredient) is fixed, but the loots arn't.

    Enderpearls, why not in UHC?
    You can disable the enderpearls' damages. With this option, at any time, a player can teleport near you... This adds a little spice to the game.

    Death announcements

    You can configure a death sound (by default, WITHER_SPAWN — DDAAAAAANNNnnnnnnnngggggggggg), to notify all players a player has passed away.
    And you can launch a lightning bolt (only an effect, no damages) on the death point, to make the death point visible for the nearest players...

    You can also send a “team-death” message.


    We have a great wall generator. Because glass walls are great, but light gaps in the caverns, nope.

    So, what about a two-blocks wall? As example, glass blocks to replace the air-like blocks, and bedrock for the other blocks. But you can use bookshelves instead of the glass if you want (hey, why not?).

    By the way, the wall can be circular or squared, and will be centered on the world' spawn point.

    The support of the vanilla world border is also included.


    You want to reduce the size of the map during the game? You'll need to warn your players before.
    Just execute /uh border warning <futureDiameter>, and boom, all players out of the future border will receive, every 90s by default, this message:

    You can also join the time available before the reduction. And see the players out of any border, with /uh border check <diameter>.

    To change the diameter and block the players inside the new border*, just execute /uh border set <diameter>.
    * If WorldBorder is installed, it can be used to lock the players inside the border (following the configuration), allowing matches with circular border. Without, the vanilla worldborder is used but this method does not support circular walls.

    Team chat

    What if you want to share an information with your team (like coordinates)? Or if you can't use Mumble?

    Well, if it's the case, just use /t <message> to send a private message to your team!


    You can lock the team chat with /togglechat, and administrators can go inside another private team-chat using /togglechat <team ...>.
    From a locked team-chat, just use /g <message> to send a message to the main, global, chat.

    Also, ProTips are sent to inform the players about these possibilities & commands.

    Spectator mode

    Install SpectatorPlus, disable the kick on death (option death.kick.do).
    That's all, you have a spectator mode.

    (But nothing prevents you from configuring SpectatorPlus for it to fit with your wildest desires.)

    If using the vanilla spectator mode is OK for you, that's also an option—and you don't have anything to do for that.

    You can also add startup spectators (the players marked as such will not play at all), with /uh spec add <player>.

    Integration into other plugins

    Besides SpectatorPlus, this plugin can be integrated into WorldBorder and dynmap.

    WorldBorder will manage all border-check-related tasks; the dynmap will display the spawn and death points of the players.



    Pause needed? Execute /uh freeze all and the mobs and players will be frozen; the players will be invulnerable; the bows, disabled; the timer, frozen.
    And use /uh freeze none to unfreeze the game.

    You can also (un)freeze an individual player with /uh freeze on|off <player>.


    There is a lot (read: a lot) of other big and small features. You can see a complete list below.
    Also, the commands acts like such a list too :) .

    Download the latest version and put the downloaded JAR file into the plugins/ folder of your Minecraft server.

    This plugin is not compatible with Minecraft 1.7; Minecraft 18.3+ is needed. The plugin was tested and works with both CraftBukkit and Spigot.

    You can also install these plugins:
    • WorldBorder, for all border-check-related tasks;
    • SpectatorPlus, if you want to enable a spectator mode for dead players;
    • dynmap, because the plugin can display the spawn & death points on the map.
    This plugin is needed for some options:
    • ProtocolLib, for the hardcore hearts and the automatic respawn.

    After the installation, I recommend you to:
    1. teleport yourself to 0,0 (in creative, /tp 0 100 0);
    2. set the world spawn point here (/setworldspawn);
    3. reload the server (for the plugin to take into account the change) (/rl);
    4. pregenerate the entire world (WorldBorder is preconfigured, just execute /wb fill);
    5. only after that, generate the wall (/uh generatewalls) (don't forget to configure the shape and the size in the config file before). Otherwise, holes will be formed in the wall when Minecraft will populate the terrain.

    This project is a very big fork of a plugin made by azenet for the “Kill the Patrick” matches, an event organized by and for french YouTubers.

    About the version numbering
    • 1.<evenNumber> : stable version.
    • 1.<oddNumber> : snapshot.

    It's as simple as that.

    Issues, suggestions and source code
    The source and the issues are hosted by GitHub. Click below to access the repository!
    By the way, please add an issue on GitHub if you have a suggestion or a bug report :) .

    Know bug in the 1.0 stable: distance to border sometimes badly calculated (fixed in the last Jenkins builds, see on the top of the page).


Recent Reviews

  1. Cendres
    Version: Version 1.4
    Great plugin, no problems so far. However, is there a way to make it so that the scoreboard is only enabled in certain worlds?
  2. hung1612
    Version: Version 1.4
    very good plugin :3 , please add multi arena and setspawn of player,i dont want random spawn :c, i want player jump ._.
  3. Taki21
    Version: Version 1.4
    rlly nice plugin! but just 1 thing? can u have people tp somewhere else when they are inside the border?
  4. CityC02
    Version: Version 1.2
    Pretty good plugin! Which world will be used for the UHC arena, the default world or a world of my choosing?
  5. Thobov
    Version: Version 1.2
    Is it possible to have a multi-arena? I really need it because I have 1 spigot server with multiple minigames. So, could you make a multiarena feature? Btw, this plugin looks very very great! Good job :D Keep going!
  6. alexroge
    Version: 1.0
    Très bon plugin !
    Mais peut t'on le rendre automatique ?
    Ou est-ce que vous bossez dessus ?
    1. AmauryPi
      Author's Response
      Le plugin n'est pas *pour le moment* automatisable.

      La version 1.2 devrait sortir d'ici une à deux semaines (j'attends des mises à jour de traductions en fait).
      Ensuite, je prévoie de faire un plugin annexe (à faire tourner en meme temps) qui rendrait le plugin automatique, de manière à avoir le meilleur des deux mondes (automatisme pour ceux qui veulent, plugin simple pour les autres).
  7. Amosar
    Version: 1.0
    Tres bon plugin malheureusement qui n'est pas automatique
  8. GodPlay
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome plugin!
  9. Hydroxide
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing. 9.7/10
  10. Fleodas
    Version: 1.0
    Yay enfin un bon plugin UHC! :D Possible d'ajouter l'automatisation des matches ? Les joueurs sont téléportés dans un lobby à la connexion, choisissent leur team et quand le dernier joueur est mort le tout le monde est renvoyé au serveur lobby et le serveur redémarre et génère un autre monde et les limites automatiquement à la façon d'un serveur HungerGames. 5/5 pour ce plugin, gardez-le actif !
    1. AmauryPi
      Author's Response
      Bonjour :) .

      Le plugin dispose d'une API pour contrôler le jeu, donc avec BungeeCord et un plugin qui gère les multiples parties ça doit être possible.

      Ceci dit, actuellement, le plugin ne gère pas les parties simultanées sur le même serveur.

      Dans tous les cas, merci de votre retour (positif, qui plus est) ! :-)

      Short translation: automatic games? Possible with BungeeCord and a BC plugin using the API. Multiples games in the same server at the same time not currently supported.