UltraHardMode 1.0

Makes the Game Even More Difficult.

  1. yummywaffle12
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    This plugin adds extra fun into the game.

    • Making all creepers charged.
    • Doubles the Ender Dragons Health.
    • Halves your max health (you can change the amount of health you have!).
    • Has a small chance of getting poison from food.
    • Skeletons spawn with diamond Armor and a power 2 bow (Can also change skeleton bow power).
    • Zombies spawn with diamond armor and a diamond sword.
    • Spiders have speed 5 (again, can be changed in a config file).
    • Beds explode in the overworld.
    • And finally, you don't respawn once you die.
    And, of course, you can turn on or off all of these effects.
    How to Use:
    Challenges aren't enabled by default, so you will have to start it. Do the command /challenge and a GUI will pop up with options. You can either do a certain amount of time, or to beat the game. This works with multiple players, and is fun to play with friends.

    Once you die (assuming you didn't enable respawn after death), you will be forced into spectator mode to watch your friends suffer through the world. After everyone on the server dies, it will say that you lost the challenge and disable all the effects.

    So far there is one known bug:
    Players joining the server in the middle of a challenge stop the counter from counting properly, so if everyone is dead then just stop the challenge manually.

    Starting a challenge will start it for the WHOLE SERVER. Make sure not to use this on a populated server!

Recent Reviews

  1. Caligatio
    Version: 1.0
    Very creative and cool plugin, it is very hard:) It would be nice too if you would add something to villagers, for example you can trade only once with every villager. And similiar to piglins. Good Job!