UltraMagicRecked 3.4

Ever thought of having magic spells customly craftable?

  1. zbturtle
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Hey guys, just wanted to put out this real fun plugin I have been working on and I hope it comes in handy for your servers!

    Watch it in action:

    Sounds kind of weird 'cause i still got my braces on.

    Magic spells
    Customizable config
    Soon to be minigame
    Usable wands that use items from players inventory for the wand
    Can be used to make Factions more fun and popular
    ultramagicrecked.wands.list : list all of the wands
    ultramagicrecked.wands.commands.list : be able to do /wands commands
    ultramagicrecked.use.TntShooter : be able to use the tntshooter wand
    ultramagicrecked.use.UrbanHealer : be able to use the urbanhealer wand
    ultramagicrecked.use.RevivalStone : be able to use the revivalstone wand
    ultramagicrecked.use.DubGun : be able to use the dubgun wand to blast some music!
    ultramagicrecked.permissions.list : list the permissions form /permissions

    Trust me this isn't a plugin you want to miss out on as it can be used for almost everything it may even be able to be used in minigames, challenges, and much much more!
    Donate if you would like to help us on these plugins our paypal is [email protected] Thanks!
    want to see it in work join swegcraft.mcalias.com!

    Got any ideas of what we should add? Make a comment with what you want us to add!

    TntShooter: TntShooter
    FireMissle: FireMissle
    SheepShot: SheepShot
    Gravitator: Gravitator
    GlidingWings: GlidingWings
    NuclearMissle: NuclearMissle
    FlameBreath: FlameBreath
    WaveSummoner: WaveSummoner
    HellBringer: HellBringer
    UrbanHealer: UrbanHealer
    TimeCow: TimeCow
    Prefix: UltraMagicRecked
    DubGun: DubGun
    RainbowDestroyer: RainbowDestroyer
    TntShooterActive: true
    UrbanHealerActive: true
    RevivalStoneActive: true
    DubGunActive: true
    UrbanHealerDurability: true
    TntShooterDurability: false
    RevivalStoneDurability: true
    DubGunDurability: true
    TntShooterNotEnoughItemsMessage: You do not have the specified items to craft the TntShooter! Sorry!
    UrbanHealerNotEnoughItemsMessage: You do not have the specified items to craft the UrbanHealer! Sorry!
    RevivalStoneNotEnoughItemsMessage: You do not have the specified items to craft the RevivalStone! Sorry!
    DubGunNotEnoughItemsMessage: You do not have the specified items to craft the DubGun! Sorry!
    RevivalStone: RevivalStone
    or the config the wand comes first then the name do not change the wand only change details after the colans!
    Why Download:
    Well if you want to give players advantages for things like pvp and factions this may be the plugin for you especially with the UrbanHealer and RevivalStone and in a soon update you will be able to configure what you want the ammo to be for each wand, if you want any ammo.
    /wands (wand name)
    and many more soon to come.
    Contact me:
    Skype: zbturtle1

    Hope you all enjoy! :)

    Like the plugin and want to help? You can, rating the plugin could help it grow and that would be of help!

    PS. THANKS FOR 900 downloads, you all rock.


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Recent Reviews

  1. RuinedCactus783
    Version: 2.5
    Good Plugin ........................................................................................
    1. zbturtle
      Author's Response
      Thanks, :D
  2. fokko
    Version: 2.3
    Very Nice Plugin
    i hope you do more plugins like This!
    By Fokko ;)
    1. zbturtle
      Author's Response
      <3 I try my best I will be releasing many more wands soon even one that will be able to play dubstep! Thanks for reviewing my plugin.
  3. kemal895
    Version: 0.15
    Nice plugin dude :)
    1. zbturtle
      Author's Response
      thanks, I am really working on making the wands work better but am having a bit of errors but I won't give up and when the wands are done you will be able to make a minigame arena and the minigame will be called UltraWizard