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A Simple Plugin That Makes Everyone Say Something!

  1. JoshuaLovesCode
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    • 1.10
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    A Simple Plugin That Makes Everyone Say Something!


    A /masssay command that makes everyone say something!
    You can use color codes in the masssay message!


    Download the .jar file,
    Stop Spigot,
    Put the jar file in your Spigot Server’s plugins folder,
    Start Spigot,



    • /masssay <message>


    • /masssay - masssay.use


    None so far.
    If you make a video on this plugin and post it on youtube, please leave a review with the video url so I can feature it!


    None so far.
    If you would like your server featured here, please leave a review with your server IP in it.



      • 25 [Yes]
      • 50 [Yes]
      • 75 [No]
      • 100 [No]
      • 125 [No]
      • 150 [No]
      • 175 [No]
      • 200 [No]
    Terms of use.png

      • Do not claim this plugin as your own.
      • Do not distribute or sell this plugin without permission from me (Joshua Sing).
      • Do not decompile this plugin or use any code from it.
    Please do not leave bad reviews if you can’t get the plugin to work!
    Please report bugs to the UltraMassSay GitHub or send me a DM.
    Note: This plugin uses bStats!

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    Join our support discord: http://discord.gg/dTv6UVB
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  1. UltraMassSay - Version 1.1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. FoxyAngel269
    Version: 1.1.1
    Cool plugin! Great for messing around with a ton of players!
    :) Keep up the amazing work!
    1. JoshuaLovesCode
      Author's Response
      Hey! Thanks for the review!
      Glad you like the plugin!

      Have a amazing day!
      Thanks, Joshua.