UltraRepair ~ Advanced Item Repairing and Fixing 1.3.0

An advanced item repair/fix plugin featuring cooldowns, costs, bypass permissions, and more.

  1. New Download Method

    The download method for this plugin has been changed. You will not be notified of an update in-game, this is considered a "Silent Update".
  2. Update Notifications!

    You will now receive a notification when the update enables and there is a new update available for download.
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  3. Fixed Small Typo and Optimized Code

    This is just a quick update featuring a small typo fix and some little minor optimization.
  4. Support for Newer Items

    UltraRepair's API has now been upgraded to 1.13 to support items that were added after Minecraft 1.8.8 (eg. Tridents)!
    Legacy versions should still work. Report any issues here:
    (or use the Discussions section or PM me)
    Thank you @Celebrimbor for reporting the issue!
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  5. Metrics and Tweaks

    This update includes:

    • Implementation of metrics- supports me by sending me information about plugin usage (server version, plugin version, server software, etc.)
    • Fixed small typo in a class' name.
    • Vault is now a required dependency (well, it always was, but I accidentally put it down as a soft/optional dependency).
    • Removed a duplicate alias of a command.