UltraStaffChat | 100% Customizable | BungeeCord 3.0.0

A 100% Customizable Staff Chat Plugin for BungeeCord!

  1. 3.0.0 Major Update | UltraStaffChat

    UltraStaffChat - Top.png
    3.0.0 UPDATE

    Added MySQL Support
    Added Reload Command
    Added Debug Command
    Fixed Bug with Join Messages
    Fixed Bug with Leave Messages
    Removed Random Debug Message
    Fix a couple minor bugs.

    ! ᶰᵃᵃʳᵐᶜ | 1iixHamza ~ ♔#6033 - Suggesting to add MySQL support.
    Alex G#2422 - Reporting bugs with Join and Leave messages.

    (Config has changed! Please delete old one for the new one to generate!)
    (See https://docs.joshualovescode.dev/plugins/ultrastaffchat-bungeecord#configuration for more info.)

    Thank you for using UltraStaffChat!
    If you encounter any problems please report them to my discord: https://discord.joshualovescode.dev
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