UltraStaffChat BungeeCord 4.0.1

A 100% Customizable StaffChat Plugin for BungeeCord!

  1. 4.0.0 Major Update | UltraStaffChat

    USC - Header.png
    4.0.0 Update


    Changed Style
    Added the ability to change the color of the discord embeds
    Added Staff List
    Added change server broadcast
    Added {server} placeholder to the Join Message
    Rewrote a lot of the code
    Added advanced debug

    Contributor: Myles Newton ( @Squidgie )

    Config has been changed! Please update!

    Thank you for using UltraStaffChat!
    If you encounter any problems please report them in my discord: https://discord.joshualovescode.dev

    Resource Moderators: Please contact me if there is a problem with the obfuscation.
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