Unbreakable Items 4.9.1

easily make items unbreakable

  1. Filbert66
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Do epic mobs or weapons destroy your armor like that <snap!>? Don't like having to recreate armor all the time? Or wish your super-epic gold weapon wouldn't wear out so quickly? Unbreakable will make it never wear out.

    Unbreakable is a simple idea, inspired by @shoter : don't allow armor or weapons to break when hit, especially when it is hit hard. It does so not by the unbreaking enchantment, which only slows down the inevitable, nor by repeatedly repairing your item, which both is a heavy server load and no good if it breaks, but by a new feature hidden in 1.7.2 Minecraft to make some things never break.

    By design this plugin is very lightweight. It only fires when an item breaks, and only does that once per item. Or, (since 1.5) you can now configure it to be a little more active and pre-mark items as unbreakable before they are even used. Have had a lot of requests for this feature, so hope you're happy.

    Allow the following ways to make things unbreakable:
    1. Automatically protect all tools, weapons, or armor (good for PVP worlds)
    2. Protect by lore (special items you create)
    3. unbk command
    4. All items when entering/leaving a certain world
    5. Standard enchantment table
    6. Anvil repairs and book support
    More info at https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/unbreakableitems
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Recent Reviews

  1. Fiiuden
    Version: 4.9.1
    Good plugin! Just a question ; how I can do if i want just a world have unbreakable item ? (all the item become unbreakable after take in gamemode creative for exemple)
    1. Filbert66
  2. C02
    Version: 4.9
    Not sure if it's just me, but this does not work with 1.11.2. Please update for 1.11.2.
    1. Filbert66
      Author's Response
  3. Ang_Drew
    Version: 4.8.2
    this is good but i think you need to add 1 more thing... the filter which item:metadata(or durability) can be unbreakable in config.yml
    1. Filbert66
      Author's Response
      Been planning to add item:data config, but do you also need a durability value? If so, a single number of would you need a range, like stone sword of durability 10 or of 10-50?
  4. TitanDistrict
    Version: 4.6
    Works totally fine, great useful and configurable plugin. Has minor issues when durability drops as a glitch, because I have to swing the weapon I have to swing my axe or sword again to reload the weapon texture. Players are PvPing with pink and back untextured blocks because the code doesn't recognize weapon textures when a durability bar pops up by mistake. Glitch fixes itself after a few swings
    1. Filbert66
      Author's Response
      Glad you find useful. Is the durability drop glitch a problem with my code or somewhere else? Don't know why durability would change once item is marked Unbreakable.
  5. Takaragomy
    Version: 4.6
    Great Very Helpful and Combined with Crackshot, creates a Free alternative to CrackshotPlus which costs $10 for weapon Skins (using durability values for different 1.9 textures
  6. Ang_Drew
    Version: 4.5.2
    good plugin!
    thanks for this free plugin
    recomended for other people!
  7. Snoop1CattZ69
    Version: 4.5.2
    Good plugin, it saved my time.
    I have a texture-added items, who needed "unbreakable" flag
    You helped me, thx <3
  8. Roadhog360
    Version: 4.4
    Would rate 5/5 if the latest versions worked in 1.8.
    Really wish it worked in this version, as lots of servers still use it.
    1. Filbert66
      Author's Response
      Intended to still work in 1.8. What is it that doesn't work in 1.8? Perhaps you can submit a bug report?
  9. 8Marc8
    Version: 4.3
    Simple but awesome Plugin!
    Keep up updating :)!
    It's very useful for every kind of server!
    Thanks, now we dont have to code it ourselves ;D
    1. Filbert66
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kudos. Nice to hear from satisfied users