Unbreakable Items 4.9.1

easily make items unbreakable

  1. Bugfix: ELYTRA

    Fixed: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError ELYTRA (Issue #3)

    Currently designated Beta release, as I wasn't able to test it, but by the clear error report I received I believe this is fixed.
  2. 1.12 compatibility.

    Added: 1.12 compatibility.

    Fixed: dupe bug in anvil, villager on shift-right click
  3. Release with full 1.11 compatibility

    Added: 1.11 compatibility.

    - with both books & enchanting tables now working.

    Note: Enchanting table "hint" at the enchantments is blank when it's going to be Unbreakable. Also 1/29 of the time I may replace the hinted enchantment with Unbreakable. If the blank Unbreakable insertion works well enough from now on, I could remove the 1:29 and look into how to get the hint to display.
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  4. Fixed books

    Fixed: Unbreakable books in enchanting & anvil tables

    Unverified: enchanting other items with Unbreakable
  5. 1.11 compatibility

    Added 1.11 compatibility.

    Not working: enchantments and books.
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  6. Added 'Protect elytra'

    • Added:
      • unbreakable.elytra permission
      • Protect elytra config item, which defaults to true, causing elytra to be protected automatically
    • Fixed:
      • check Unbreakable on hold before making equipped armor, shields unbreakable
    • Planned: new complex config item that allows a configurable list of materials to be protected, including shields.
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  7. added command to remove Unbreakable

    • Added: support for command unbk off|false to remove unbreakable from held item
    • Fixed: fixed NPE on isProtectedByLore
  8. Removed some spammy debug messages from log

    Fixed: Removed some spammy debug messages from log
  9. Fixed: 1.8 backward-compatibility

    • Fixed: 1.8 backward-compatibility including
      • unbk command now works in 1.8
      • shield checks won't run
  10. works with Elytra

    • Fixed:
      • Elytra now can be made unbreakable. Note that it is not covered by any Protect * config items as it is neither so it must be by book, table, lore or command.
      • As a side-effect, you can now also make anvils unbreakable with the /unbk command.