Uncraftable 1.1

Wanna add some uncraftable Items in PvP? Try this!

  1. maxi1498
    Uncraftable 1.1

    1. What it does?

    You ever want to craft Chainmail Armor or SoulSand
    or have Instant Enchanments?
    With this plugins is everything possible!

    2. How it works?

    You can dis/enable every Recipe in the Config.yml! After changing reload the Server!

    You only have to look this Crafting Recipes:

    chainchest.png chainhelm.png

    chainlegg.png expbottle.png

    soulsand.png speedpickaxe.png


    3. TODO?

    [+] Add more Items
    [+] Add Enchantments

    4. Ideas?

    You have ideas for more Items? Just write me a PM or write it right under here in the discussion!

    Thank you for your interest!

Recent Updates

  1. Added Recipes!