UnCrafter 1.8.5b

UnCraft and UnSmelt, (UnBrew, UnEnchant and UnTrade coming soon!), to get your ingredients back!

  1. stormtrooper28
    @MrPlug (Spanish), @HerrFreakey (German), @DomMinesDiamonds (French), @finnbon (Dutch), @NonameSL (Hebrew), @jakubhere (Polish), and @danablend (Danish)
    After Pac-Man: This will get the love it deserves.
    (Configurable! "recycle_chance" defaults to 90% of success per item)

    [​IMG]Click the 'results' slot of your Crafting Table / Workbench or Furnace to use! (Far right slot)

    This is a completely automated system so custom recipes and modded recipes through the vanilla workbench are supported!
    Plan Poll will be re-added when it is time.
    A complete rewrite!
    1. Add Custom inventories and their animations / interfaces.

    2. Add Support for UnEnchanting

    3. Add Support for UnBrewing

    4. Add Support for UnTrading

    HEY!! If you're multi-lingual and one of the languages you speak is English, and another is not English: please send me a translation of
    (will be updated once new version is out)

    Thanks to @MrPlug (Spanish), @HerrFreakey (German), @DomMinesDiamonds (French), @finnbon (Dutch), @NonameSL (Hebrew), @jakubhere (Polish), and @danablend (Danish) for translating Uncrafter's Messages.yml!!!

    Add Permissions if you want!
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    Version info: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=e72zBYhb
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Recent Reviews

  1. VL4DST3R
    Version: 1.8.5b
    Un-crafting toches result in a piece of coal with 1 NBT tag attached to it, so it no longer stacks with regular coal. Other than that absolutely perfect plugin and something that we wanted forever to have on our server!
  2. ArabianPigs
    Version: 1.8.5b
    Amazing plugin, the only thing is that I reccoment turning unsmelting to false because players can unsmelt ores, then use fortune picks to get more and repeat for infinite ores. But again overall just an amazing plugin!
  3. Nosmakos
    Version: 1.8.5b
    Seems really good idea with the method you made this, but one question why didn't you just make the Crafting Table to be just canceled than doing all this?
    1. stormtrooper28
      Author's Response
      I'm trying to add as much functionality as possible, without removing existing functionality.
  4. Diamond_Dan1
    Version: 1.8f
    Seems like an excellent Plugin to use! One of the Reviews Seemed to put 1 star just because of the Debug spam. It is fixed now and I don't think they rated it fairly. I would put 4 star or 4.5 but I see this plugin going somewhere. It seems you're a nice guy and fix problems people have very quickly. I think I'll be adding this to my server in a few weeks once It opens up to Beta or 1.0 most likely. That would be in about 2-4 weeks.
    1. stormtrooper28
      Author's Response
      Thank You! Please send me the ip once it's up!
  5. dawidperez
    Version: 1.5f
    This plugin had problems previously but it seems to be working.
    1. stormtrooper28
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  6. WhiteKnightProd
    Version: 1.4f
    This plugin is fairly simple and does what it claims to. It does however always say it has an update even though it is at the current version. This can also be exploited with fortune and any min-able resource that does not require initial smelting. (ie. diamonds, glowstone... and such things) But that is a user decision. Works well and is fairly smooth. well done.
    1. stormtrooper28
      Author's Response
      Thank you! The min-able resource glitched can be disabled via the blacklist (coal, lapis, and diamond are in it by default). I'll look into the always sending update message problem.
  7. Beastsyndicate
    Version: 1.1f
    Spam the console/chat with text, delet this function and you have a greate plugin
    1. stormtrooper28
      Author's Response
      That spam was my debug, it is fixed now. Thank you!
  8. Tynwald
    Version: 1.1f
    1. stormtrooper28
      Author's Response
      This has been fixed in the latest version!