UncrafterRedux 0.0.7

Uncraft select items

  1. Latch93
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    • This plugin uncrafts items from user's hand.
    • Only items listed in items.yml can be uncrafted.
    • The default list was created by me after going through each item in MC and checking if it was a craftable item.
    • Some craftable items are not added to the items.yml because they give more items than they are crafted with.
    * * * I can fix this in later updates if anyone suggests an item to add to the list. I'll just have to make each one specific, but there isn't that many craftable items that are off the list.
    * There is an items.yml that can be edited to add or remove items, but caution adding items.

    Command Usage: /uncraft [amount]
    Permission: ur.command.uncraft
    Description: Amount is input by the user and checks the items held in the main hand. Each item has a base amount of items the user needs in order to uncraft. For example, Purple Terracotta requires 8 of them to uncraft amd you would receive 1 purple dye and 8 Terracotta. This is because when you craft/create Purple Terracotta, it makes 8 of them, not 1. A furnace requires only 1 to uncraft as when you can create one furnace at one time.

    Documentation to come.

    Please join my discord to report errors, ask questions, suggest languages and give both feedback and suggestions.


    Please don't add a review that mentions a bug. Please join my discord and log the bug so I'm able to fix it. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. augesrob.com
    Version: 0.0.7
    Great plugin, wish i found this sooner. Please keep this update. Honestly only downfall is cant get enchants from items, but works wonderfully!!!
    1. Latch93
      Author's Response
      Check out my other plugin UnenchanterRedux. It's much more robust than UncrafterRedux. I'm working on updating UncrafterRedux to include essentially all craftable items and with better UI. I've been a bit busy but I'm working on it and proud of what I have currently.