Under Development Message 1.5.4

Block out users with a simple permission to enable Development Mode on the Server! Easy & Lightweigh

  1. ajbboy123

    Under Development Message

    ====== Features: ======

    Lightweight & Easy to use
    Simple Coding, small file, no server performance impact
    Edit the Kick message straight from in-game!
    Color/Format supported!

    ====== Permissions: ======

    UDM.join - Able to join the Server (Defaults to OP)
    UDM.kickmessage - View the current Kick Message (Defaults to OP)
    UDM.setkickmessage - Edit the Current Kick Message (Defaults to OP)

    ====== To-Do: ======

    Add Server MOTD

    Add Enable/Disable Command while in-game, to easily enable/disable the functioning of the plugin, so you don't have to add/remove permissions each time.

    ====== FAQ: ======

    Q: What is Under Development Message (UDM)?

    A: Basically it allows you to easily block users from joining the server, if they do not have permissions (UDM.join).

    Q: What if I want to keep the plugin, but let everyone join?

    A: You can temporarily give the default user group the join permission (UDM.join)

    Q: What does this plugin do exactly?

    A: In detail, when a player joins the server it checks to see if that player has the UDM.join permission, if they do then nothing will happen to that user, and will join like normal, but if the user doesn't have permission, they will automatically be kicked with the message: This Server is Under Development!​

Recent Reviews

  1. Sniper
    Version: 1.5.4
    Lovely, very simple plugin. I personally use this plugin to create a permission based whitelist or when I need to only let my staff on. 10 of 10.