Undercover Mod 2015-10-26

Want to change your prefix with a simple command? Now you can!

  1. ComputerGuy365
    Tired of players bothering you? Or maybe you just want to switch your prefix based on what your doing?

    UndercoverMod is for you.

    It allows admins to switch from their default prefix to a new one.

    /umodon: Switches prefix to the Umodon prefix in the config.
    /umodoff: Switches prefix to the Umodoff prefix in the config.
    /umodreg: Set this as your default prefix.

    /umodon: undercovermod.togglemod
    /umodoff: undercovermod.toggleop
    /umodreg: undercovermod.reg

    UndercoverMod also requires vault.

    Please let me know of any bugs or any suggestions you may have.