Unfair Random Events 1.2

Random and Hardcore Events

  1. droletor
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Warning: this plugin have some explosions that will destroy your world, I recommend creating new world before enabling this plugin. Also this is my first plugin so expect bugs.

    1. Spawns creeper at player.
    2. Makes player starve.
    3. Player becomes rocket.
    4. Takes/Gives one heart. Depends on current health.
    5. Takes one Xp level.
    6. Places Shulker on player head.
    7. Takes random item in inventory.
    8. Grows a tree.
    9. Throws an Anvil at player.
    10. Makes rain arrows.
    11. Spits out all players items.
    12. Makes all Creeper Nuclear.
    13. Makes all nearby Zombies have huge Knockback.
    14. Makes player ride a bat.
    15. Places lava on players head.
    16. Gives player a random reward.
    17. Takes/Gives one max health. Depends on current max health.
    18. Give one max health.
    19. Resets max health.
    20. Give player invulnerability for 10 seconds.
    21. Spawns 10 bats with TNT on them.
    22. Spawn a random amount of snow golems.
    23. Spawn 5 Skeletons Cat Riders.
    24. Spawn a cobweb beneath player.
    25. Cycles between Day and Night.
    Commands and Permissions:
    Code (Text):
    1. /mbre - Enable/Disable Random Events.(Default:Disabled) | MinecraftButRandomEvents.enable
    2. /testEvent [number(1-21)] - Test an Event. | MinecraftButRandomEvents.testevent
    - Almost halfed plugin size.

    - New Event: Snow Reinforcement.
    - New Event: Crazy Cat Riders.
    - New Event: Cobweb trap.
    - New Event: Time Switch.

    - Replaced random teleport with player invulnerability Event.

    - Shulker hat now has less Hp.
    - Shulker hat how doesnt drop Shulker Shells.

    - Bat Bombers fuse time is multiplied by 1.5x.

    - Added Config file.
    - Time between events now works properly, but command /setTimeBetweenEvents is now disabled.

    - Plugin release

    Feel free to make a suggestion/report bugs.