UnioAntiCrash 2.1

Players can't crash your server with a message anymore!

  1. 1.8 Compatibility Issues Fixed

    1.8 NoSuchMethodError fixed.
  2. Rewrite, Open Source, book packet removal

    This plugin has been rewrote and made open source. You can access source code from GitHub: https://github.com/UnioDex/UnioAntiCrash

    Also book packet protection has been removed since it wasn't working properly. If you are using a server software older than Paper 1.12, I recommend disabling books otherwise you are facing serious duplication and crash issues.

    Plugin baştan yazıldı ve açık kaynak hale getirildi. Kaynak koduna GitHub üzerinden...
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  3. Hotfix

    Sorry for frequent updates.

    - Fixed kicking players when legitimately click a book_and_quill in inventory.
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  4. More protection

    - Some players still could crash the server with book packets. Increased the protection level and added more checks. This fixed problems for our server. (For now)

    - Added logging method. If you add this line to config this will keep packet logs in plugin folder:
    Code (Text):
    debug-logging: true
  5. Added more protection

    Recently found out a new crash client. This client sends bad book packets to server and crashes it with using all CPU. I updated plugin to solve this issue. You should also have ProtocolLib for this protection.

    - Added a new protection.
    - Added config.yml. Now you can change messages.
    - Added static containsBadCharacter method and BAD_CHARACTER field. So, now you can use checks with your own plugins with depending on this.
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  6. EventPriority Update

    All priorities changed with HIGHEST. Now, more problems may be solved.
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  7. New protections and Bug Fixes

    1.2 version is fully buggy. 1.3 version fixed it and added new protections:

    New protections:
    1- Illegal items finding now. (Some players changed item names with crash character.)
    2- Players cant change their item names with illegal character now. (With anvil.)
    3- Sign crash fixes. (Thanks Stefan15ist)
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  8. Uploaded an old version.

    In 1.2 there is a bug. I will fix it after.

    Uploaded an old version for now.
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  9. New protections


    This version adds new protection for Bukkit version. It is recommended that you update. If you have a Factions, Skyblock, Survival, etc. servers i strongly recommend update.

    • Book editing is now checking. If player write the forbidden character in book, his book is removing.
    • If player have a item with forbidden character, his item is removing.

    NOTE: If you have a BungeeCord server...
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  10. A bug fix

    In Bukkit, players can use the denied character with a command. (Example /msg <name> <denied-character>)

    Bungeecord users dont need update.
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