Universal V11.2

Everything your server needs!

  1. Minecraftair

    Current Version: V11.2 | Newest DevBuild: V11.0001

    Thank you for over: 4000 Downloads!

    • Config explination in work!
    • 4000 Downloads! I never expected that!
    • You can also find Universal on BukkitDEV
    Universal is a plugin that has everything your server needs! From Multiworld and Permissions to Bloodeffects and commands for your server! It is easy to install and configure! Make your server easy and beautiful!!!
    This plugin supports englisch, german, spanish, french and portuguese!
    Also is a MinigamesManager included for minigame servers!

    • Multiworld system
    • Permission system
    • Bloodeffect for all mobs
    • German + English + Spanish + Portuguese + French
    • A BossBar with BarAPI
    • UUID Support!
    • Own Events
    • Playerhead Creation
    • Own Join and Leave Messages
    • Own Reload message
    • Own UnknownCommand message
    • Teleportcompass that you get if you spawn (ALPHA)
    • Warp and home system
    • A book that you get if you spawn
    • A ChatCleaner
    • A list of all Colorcodes and effect IDs
    • Other really usefull Commands (look at Documentation)
    • Own Chatformat (like ChatEx!) (<Playername> never again!)
    • And more in work!
    For more help, look at the Documentation!!

    Donwloads from: SpigotMC.org.

    • ServerAPI: Spigot-1.8.8 or higher / craftbukkit-1.8.8!
    • [OPTIONAL] BossBarAPI 4.4 or higher


    1. Paste the Universal [Version] [Bukkit/Spigot].jar in the plugins folder of your server
    2. Restart you server
    3. Configure the plugin (Help here!)
    4. Reload the Server
    5. Done! Have fun!


    Here is a example for the BossBar:


    You can use all Colorcodes (with &) and all variablen of VariablenPack 1.

    BarAPI required!!! You can find it here!

    In the next Update (V11.3) (Sign-Update):
    • you can add commands on signs
    • BossBarAPI removed & BossBar removed because BarAPI is outdated!
    • Progress...(0%)
    Have fun with our plugin!!!
    Homepage: www.minecraftairdev.bplaced.net
    Email: [email protected]

    Thank you!
    Thank you to DarkBladee12 for the ParticleEffects file!
    Special thanks to Fishey_LP for some coding help.
    Also thanks to SpyroScope, RodriGemmyCreeper and a anonymos person for the translations.
    And thank you to all users of my plugin!!!

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    Please open a ticket if you find an error or bug and add a list of all your plugins installed!

    Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

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