[Unofficial] SkQuery fork [1.6-1.12+] 3.5.9-Lime

A SkQuery build to work with most Spigot versions 1.6-1.12+

  1. LimeGlass
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    w00tmaster, Gatt
    This is an unofficial build of SkQuery by myself.

    A Re-Mastered SkQuery build that works from 1.6-1.12 (1.9-1.12-pre3 tested)

    This build is based off Gatt's SkQuey edit in which he removed:
    • JSON messages
    • Scoreboard stuff
    • Particles & Trail projectile
    • Change skin effect
    • Dead bossbar stuff
    • Changed sounds to 1.9+
    • Removed all packet stuff
    • A lot of bug fixes
    • Made it work in versions 1.9-1.12+ (As tested)
    • Added tempo option to midi syntax
      Code (SKRIPT):
      play midi %string% to %players% [at [tempo] %-number%]
    • Added play midi from web link syntax
      Code (SKRIPT):
      play midi from [(web[site]|link)] %string% to %players% [at [tempo] %-number%]
    • Added stop for midi files
      Code (SKRIPT):
      stop midi [id] %string%
    • Removed broken MySQL support (Might add my own methods later) You can use Skellett until then. Example and Example.
    • Added file existance condition file
      Code (SKRIPT):
      [exist[(s|ance)] [at]] %string% or file %string% exists
    • Removed some files that were not used
    • Remove raw sound
    • Fixed Yaml
    • Fixed getOnlinePlayers() crash
    • Fixed glowing itemtype
    • Fixed protocolib crash error
    • Fixed the permission manager
    • Fixed a bunch of null pointers
    • Fixed Time Relative not being able to be reset
    • Fixed fireworks
    • Fixed pop firework effect but removed clientside ability. New syntax:
      Code (SKRIPT):
      (detonate|pop) %fireworkeffects% at %locations%
    • Added the ability to do multiple lamba evaluates. New syntax:
      Code (SKRIPT):
      do [%-number% time[s]] %lambda%
    • Added former movement location. Uses the getFrom() in the on any movement that never existed.
      Code (SKRIPT):
      ([the] (past|former) move[ment] [location]
    • Added settable relative option to the time relative syntax.
      Code (SKRIPT):
      (relative|player) time of %player% [with relative %-boolean%]


      %player%'s (relative|player) time [with relative %-boolean%]
    • Fixed the where filter expression not working. (Throws some errors if the predicate contains an unknown expression/value. Looking into fixing that.)
    • Changed the any movement syntax from [on] any movement to [on] any move[ment]
    • Removed broken map support.
    • Removed the annoying startup message saying this is an unoffical build from Gatt's since it's not really needed.
    • Changed this syntax
      Code (SKRIPT):
      blocks within %location% (to|and) %location%
    • Added bStats metrics https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/SkQuery
    • Removed ProtocolLib as a dependency. Meaning these broken syntax don't exist anymore:
    Code (SKRIPT):
    make %players% see %blocks% as %itemtype% permanently
    restore updates to %blocks% for %offlineplayers%
    restore all updates
    But these syntax still work:

    Code (SKRIPT):
    make %players% see %block% as %itemtype%
    make %players% see lines of %block% as %string%, %string%, %string%[ and], %string%
    I am not the offical creator of this addon. This addon was made by w00tmaster the developer of SkQuery. All credit goes towards him. This is just a fork I made that allows SkQuery to work for versions 1.9-1.12

    Please don't demand support for this build.

    • Remake MySQL support.
    • Any other bugs (Report them please)

Recent Reviews

  1. Ang_Drew
    Version: 3.5.9-Lime
    unwork for 1.8 error when enable
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Can you message me the error?
  2. Paxelo
    Version: 3.5.9-Lime
    Play raw sound not working... Fix this please...................................
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
  3. Flakys
    Version: 3.5.9-Lime
    Really good plugin! Great replacement for real SkQuery! Keep updating it, and making another plugins!
  4. ElDub
    Version: 3.5.9-Lime
    Amazing, Lime! thanks for this plugin helped me a lot! :) Hope you keep updating
  5. Shane1199
    Version: 3.5.9-Lime
    Works like a charm. Happy to get this updated to the latest versions. Thanks Lime!
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      No problem! Thanks for the review :D
  6. GoodmanSIG
    Version: 3.5.9-Lime
    if {sk.generator.%player%} >= "1":
    Can not distinguish :( How to treat it differently?
  7. NoDeschPro
    Version: 3.5.8-Lime
    Hei, i see this error in my console: https://pastebin.com/Nt2c5JHa
    can u help me please :) <3
    thanks a lot
  8. Countryrose12
    Version: 3.5.8-Lime
    thanks for this, this will help a lot with out any more issues. :)
    i recommend this to people.
  9. Magnettar
    Version: 3.5.8-Lime
    Thanks for the update bud, for anyone looking to download it works just fine on 1.11.2
  10. bbruno5
    Version: 3.5.7-Lime
    Looks like work without any problem!
    Really thanks man! You're the guy :D