UnRandom Teleport 2.3

Teleport, without the randomness

  1. JailB8_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Z750's Taco Stash
    Simply run the command /urtp and you will be teleported to your current location with a predefined math calculation.

    Set values in config, and the following math will be applied to each value:

    Code (Java):

       int x = getConfig().getInt("x");
       int y = getConfig().getInt("y");
       int z = getConfig().getInt("z");
       int xx = x - (x/z) + 11;
       int yy = y - (y/x) + 11;
       int zz = z - (z/y) + 11;
    You will be teleported to the values of xx, yy and zz

    Official Support in #JailB8 on irc.spi.gt

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