[Unsupported] [Bungee - Bukkit rank & permissions synchronization] 2.1

Synchronize BungeeCord rank & permissions in Spigot server !

  1. PlaceholderAPI support

    Added PlaceholderAPI support
  2. Magical update

    Completly redone.
  3. Memory leaks fixs

    >> Fixed memory leaks, player will be removed from the HashMap when they quit.
  4. Chat update v2

    >> Added function to remove the chat format as it is used by other plugins, if the chat format is removed, you can access the rank by using {RANK} variable in the actual chat format.
    Nothing will be display if the player haven't got a rank.
  5. Chat update

    >> Added custom chat format for each rank
    >> Added option to enable / disable chat color for each rank
    >> Added Faction support
  6. /rank update

    >> Added the /rank command to manage the BungeeCord rank InGame.
    >> You need to list every rank in the plugin config to avoid using null ranks and to disable the /rank command for some ranks.

    The /rank command does a /greload to reload permissions, so make sure all your plugins support this.
    If you can't use the command due to the /greload, you will have to use the Bungee config file by yourself.
  7. Bug fixes & title update

    - Corrected the TAB when a player join.
    - Name change.