Update Notifier 1.1

Schedule and tell your server about Updates

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    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Update Notifier

    This plugin allows you to send a update timer to your server with a message telling them when you are going to update with a countdown

    • Update [/update {time} {reason}] Sets off the update formatted like [/update 1h5m20s Adding,a,new,Plugin] ',' = new line
    • Stop Update [/stopupdate] Stops the current update timer
    • Edit Update [/editupdate] Edits the current Update timer time
    • Reload Configs [/reloadupdate] Reloads plugin Configs


    • Update Message - Message that shows on update
    • Kick Message - Message that shows when the user cant login
    • perm - Permission Required to use the command
    • ActionBar - If you want the message to show in the action bar or as a tittle
    • AllowDamage - If you want the user to take damage or not during 'safeTime'
    • allowItemDrop - If you want the user to be able to drop items or not during 'safeTime'
    • AllowLogin - If you want the user to Login or not during 'safeTime'
    • SafeTime - How long in seconds before the update the user can login still or not take damage




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