Upgrade! Upgrade 0.2

Research technology to destroy your enemies!

  1. Hex_27
    The power of technology will destroy all inferior beings. Upgrade allows your players to collect "data" to research technologies. These technologies then allow players to create special equipment to wreck havoc upon his enemies, or just to make a nice farm.

    This plugin has been abandoned until further notice

    Planned Features
    • An actual per-world disable.
    • More tech stuf
    • STAR DESTROYA (okay this is ambitious...)
    Tested on Bukkit 1.7.9
    Needs Vault

    How to obtain data?
    By killing mobs or mining blocks(That you configure, for example you only want players to gain data from diamond blocks etc.)

    Special Items and what they do (currently. )

    G Modules
    These are farm-helpers. They boost your crop's growth and one of the modules help to replant them. There are 3 levels of G-modules currently, G1, G2 and G3.

    KingFisher Attraction Beam
    This is a handy autofarm helper. All nearby items are sucked into this hopper. Must be reactivated every server restart, manually by the player. Must be powered by a constant redstone signal. (Just place a redstone torch next to it and it will work.)

    Shock Weapons
    Shock weapons do more damage to droids and most of them do AOE and slow enemies based on your shock weapons level.
    S1 Electrifier
    This is the cheapest shock weapon, dealing half of your damage to surrounding foes and slowing your target. Can be enchanted to improve effects
    S2 Mjölnir
    This is the descendant of the Electrifier. Does full damage to all enemies surrounding your target. Can be Enchanted to improve effects.
    STB78 Disruptor
    A shock bow designed for long range combat. Slows far-away targets. Fire at the ground to deal an explosion that does not destroy blocks, and slows surrounding targets

    There is a limited variety of armor currently. All are chestplates
    C30 Defender
    Reduces all damage by 10%
    H40 Guardian
    Increases all sources of healing except satiation healing by 50%. Reduces all damage by 20%
    SC20 Shock Armor
    Reduces all damage by 10%. When you attack, enemies around you are shocked, dealing 30% of your damage to enemies surrounding you.

    There is only 1 plane now, but more are planned.
    Z-99 BumbleBee
    This plane is very fragile, sometimes even failing in mid air when torpedoes are used incorrectly. Bumble Bees are mainly used for transportation, but can be used for minor bombing runs with its torpedos and mounted rifle.

    Ground Vehicles
    There is also only 1 ground vehicle at this time.
    FTAA ground vehicle
    This vehicle can take some damage, while having a rapid machine gun and a missle launcher. One major flaw is that the tank can't travel past little bumps and will simply stop in front of a wall.

    ShadowTail AutoTurret
    Fires rapidly at surrounding targets (Except its builder). Very effective against mobs and lightly armored players. Its weak point is that it is prone to getting "stolen" by other players if not properly protected.

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  1. Ryb
    Version: Upgrade 0.2
    This is looking really interesting. Can't wait to see it at 1.0 and beyond because there is potential. Probably not something that I would use just yet, but I would like to use this in the future. Just make sure practically everything is configurable! :)
    1. Hex_27
      Author's Response
      Been so long I forgot about this project :O