Upgrading Core + 1.4.2

Adds cores that you can upgrade weapons / armor with

  1. Bug fixes, some new features

    • removed spurious debug messages
    • change config-option "applicable_on" to "applicableOn" for consistency
    • change config-option "defenseModifier" to "armorModifier"
    • added optional config-options "armorToughnessModifier" and "attackSpeedModifier" that both default to 0
    • the menu has better visual effects
    • menu title changed from "Chest" to "Upgrade"
    • added the option to specify a number of cores via /getcore <name> [<amount>]
    • fixed a bug where attributes would only be applied to weapons
    • fixed a bug where the additional armor and armor-toughness would not be displayed correctly
    • fixed a bug where all cores would be consumed, but only one upgrade would be possible
    • fixed a bug where items would be upgradeable at max level
    • fixed some naming consistencies
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