Upgrading Core + 1.4.2

Adds cores that you can upgrade weapons / armor with

  1. Release

    • Information will be correctly displayed after an enchantment
    • Everything is now localizable with native support for English (locale en_us) and german (ger)
    • Added permissions 'uc.drop.<core name>' to control if a core may be dropped by a player - defaults to true
    • 'uc.upgrade.<core name>' to control if a player may upgrade a certain core - defaults to true
    • added command 'ucreload' to reload config-options (permission 'uc.reload')
    • included a chance for a forge-process to fail (configurable per core-item)
    • Gui now allows all inventory-actions (like swapping with Hotbar, collecting all to the cursor, e.t.c)
    • you can now use '/getcore <Name> [<amount>]' to specify an optinal amount of cores that you get
    • the messages are now more informative if an upgrade failed
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