Upgrading Core + 1.4.2

Adds cores that you can upgrade weapons / armor with

  1. Small visual changes & big internal changes

    • IMPORTANT: The language format has changed. If you did not use a customized language, you can ignore this warning. If you have, take a look at the plugin-page to see how you need to adapt.
    • Added an option to be able to display the level of an item as the title. This means that for example an upgraded iron-sword can have the name 'Iron Sword +3'. Note that if this option is chosen, the title cannot be localized (and is always English). To enable this, add the option 'displayLevelInTitle: true' to your config.yml
    • The plugin will no longer override any existing lore (including enchantments)
    • Some other internal changes have been made that enable this plugin to work more smoothly with other plugins
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