Upgrading Core + 1.4.2

Adds cores that you can upgrade weapons / armor with

  1. Update to Minecraft 1.17

    This update brings several bug fixes and some new features:

    New Features:
    • You can choose bows and crossbows as target for the core
    • Modifiers can now be an arbitrary expression instead of just a number
    Bug Fixes / Smaller features
    • Netherite Axes can now be correctly upgraded
    • Armor will correctly apply when multiple pieces are worn
    • armor and armor toughness are correctly applied
    • Numbers are formatted correctly to a maximum of 2 decimal places
    • Update the Spigot-API to Minecraft 1.17
    • Update to Java 16

    Using the new system, you can now specify arbitrary expressions as modifiers instead of just numbers. This includes:
    • A simple value i.e. armorModifier: 1.0 - which means 1.0 amount of something per level
    • A list i.e. armorModifier: "[1 2 3]" - which means 1 on the first level, 2 on the second level, e.t.c
    • A (complex) expression with variables i.e. armorModifier: "2 * (lvl + 1)" - which means 4 on the first level, 6 on the second level, e.t.c.
    Using expressions, these symbols can be used:
    • + => Add two numbers
    • - => Subtract two numbers
    • * => multiply two numbers
    • / => divide two numbers
    • % => compute the modulus of two numbers
    • () => wrap expressions in parentheses
    • lvl => A variable indicating the current level
    • prev => A variable indicating the previous value
    Another important thing to mention is that the project is finally Open-Source and you can visit the GitHub page to contribute or request changes / features. See the link in the description of this plugin for more!

    On this note, I want to thank jeffry1829 for his work wit this project
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