Upgrading Core + 1.4.2

Adds cores that you can upgrade weapons / armor with

  1. More axe fixes

    Fixes a bug where the Netherite and diamond axe would have incorrect attack speeds
  2. Bug fix: Fixed damage point of Nethrite axe

    Fixed a bug where the Netherite axe would have an additional damage point (+11 damage initially instead of +10)
  3. Update to Minecraft 1.17

    This update brings several bug fixes and some new features:

    New Features:
    • You can choose bows and crossbows as target for the core
    • Modifiers can now be an arbitrary expression instead of just a number
    Bug Fixes / Smaller features
    • Netherite Axes can now be correctly upgraded
    • Armor will correctly apply when multiple pieces are worn
    • armor and armor toughness are correctly applied
    • Numbers are formatted correctly...
  4. Fix Armor toughness modifier

    This version fixes a bug where the armor toughness modifier is not working.
  5. Bug fixes

    • Full support up to Minecraft 1.16.5
    • Fix a bug where low cores can be used to upgrade high-level items
    • The standard config now includes netherite items
  6. Update to 1.16

    1.16 is here (finally :p)
    • Define the color of your item inside the config as '#rrggbb' for 1.16.1+ to support any RGB-color you want. You can still use the old format ('RED', 'YELLOW', ...) if you want
    • Support for Netherite-items
  7. Small visual changes & big internal changes

    • IMPORTANT: The language format has changed. If you did not use a customized language, you can ignore this warning. If you have, take a look at the plugin-page to see how you need to adapt.
    • Added an option to be able to display the level of an item as the title. This means that for example an upgraded iron-sword can have the name 'Iron Sword +3'. Note that if this option is chosen, the title cannot be localized (and is...
  8. Configurable lore, config inconsistencies, more weapons

    • Fixed config inconsistencies (default language is now 'en-us', not 'ger'; max-level is no longer per core-definable)
    • fully customizable lore
    • added more upgradable options (Trident, Shovels, Pickaxes, Hoes)
  9. Release

    • Information will be correctly displayed after an enchantment
    • Everything is now localizable with native support for English (locale en_us) and german (ger)
    • Added permissions 'uc.drop.<core name>' to control if a core may be dropped by a player - defaults to true
    • 'uc.upgrade.<core name>' to control if a player may upgrade a certain core - defaults to true
    • added command 'ucreload' to reload config-options (permission...
  10. Bug fixes, some new features

    • removed spurious debug messages
    • change config-option "applicable_on" to "applicableOn" for consistency
    • change config-option "defenseModifier" to "armorModifier"
    • added optional config-options "armorToughnessModifier" and "attackSpeedModifier" that both default to 0
    • the menu has better visual effects
    • menu title changed from "Chest" to "Upgrade"
    • added the option to specify a number of cores via /getcore <name> [<amount>]
    • fixed a bug where attributes...