uPlayer 1.0

Simple commands for player!

  1. Sunyan
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Simple commands for player!
    uPlayer include some simple commands for player that needed to be in every server!
    This plugin is with open source code!
    ~ Plugin by BustyBuffy.

    - /heal <player> - if you did /heal without any another arguments so its will heal yourself, but /heal BustyBuffy example, will heal BustyBuffy.

    - /feed <player> - Same as /heal, but its feeding you.

    - /jump - Make you jump about 15 blocks

    - uplayer.heal - Allow you to perform /heal command
    - uplayer.feed - Allow you to perform /feed command
    - uplayer.jump - Allow you to perform /jump command

    Todo LIST:
    - Add /speed command (coming with double jump)
    - Add GUI

    Want something to add?
    Command it and i'll add it to the TODO list!

    Source code:
    - http://pastebin.com/FnTQwk1B