UptimeCheckerForBungeeCord 2015-01-04

A Checker for BungeeCord if the Minecraft Server are online or offline and broadcast a message.

  1. 5_WAP
    If the Minecraft Services are offline a Player could have problems to login and connect to your Server. If they are already on your server and try to relog this Problems can appear, too.

    To Warn your Player that this Services are offline you can use this Plugin.

    The nessesary Informations fetches the Plugin from "https://status.mojang.com/check"
    See also: https://help.mojang.com/

    • Checks every 5 Seconds if the Minecraft services are online
    • sends a Broadcast with Informations via BungeeCord to all Playrs if the status of the Minecraft services are changing
    • Checks the following services:
      • minecraft.net
      • account.mojang.com
      • skins.minecraft.net
      • authserver.mojang.com
      • sessionserver.mojang.com

    1. Drop the UptimeCheckerForBungeeCord.jar into your BungeeCord plugin folder
    2. Restart only your BungeeCord or load the Plugin via a plugin Manager

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